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Are Baby Wipes Safe For Dogs?


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Many dog owners wonder if they can use baby wipes on their furry friends. After all, these wipes are gentle enough for human babies, so can they be safe for dogs too? In this article, we’ll explore whether baby wipes are safe for dogs and what alternatives you can use to keep your pup clean and healthy.

Are Baby Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No, baby wipes are not safe for dogs. Baby wipes disrupt pH levels, irritate a dog’s skin, cause vaginitis, and propylene glycol in baby wipes can cause damage to internal organs.

baby wipes safe for dogs

Reasons Baby Wipes Are Not Safe for Dogs

Now you know the answer to the question: are baby wipes safe for dogs? Understanding why can help shed light on the issue of using baby wipes on dogs.

Disrupts pH Levels

Dogs have much more sensitive skin than us and also have a different ph level. Human skin has a pH of 5.5, while a dog’s skin is much higher.

The makeup of baby wipes is designed for human skin and the pH of human skin. It is not made to fit the pH of dogs which means it could throw off the balance.

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If baby wipes are used on a dog’s skin it could cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and bacterial infections. They could also cause cracked skin which leads to infection.

Side Note: Aquaphor is an excellent ointment for cracked skin on a dog’s paws. Read more about it in our article: Can You Use Aquaphor on Dogs?

Causes Vaginitis

Dogs can be messy, especially when it comes to potty time. Dog owners love quick cleanup methods, especially when it comes to a dog’s bums. Human wipes are not the answer because they can cause vaginitis.

Internal Organ Damage

Dirt is often a problem for dog paws, but human wipes are not the answer. Propylene glycol is the main ingredient in baby wipes and it’s toxic to dogs ingested. Since dogs lick their paws often, it’s easy for them to ingest the chemical, which could cause harm to their organs.

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Vision Loss

Using regular baby wipes on your dog’s eyes is also a bad idea. The chemicals in baby wipes not only can irritate your canine friend’s eyes, but they can cause issues with seeing clearly, temporary vision loss, and even worse – permanent blindness.

Skin Irritation, Redness, and Itchiness

Pet owners who use baby wet wipes on their dog’s skin may notice irritation, redness, and itchiness. Since baby wet wipes seem gentle enough, they often contribute to the skin condition to other causes.

The truth is using human wet wipes on a dog’s coat is highly irritating and is the reason for skin problems.

It’s not only the dog’s coat that human wet wipes shouldn’t be used. Using them on the skin inside of a dog’s ears is also not a good idea. A dog’s ear can become red, itchy, and irritated when using regular baby wipes.

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Alternatives to Baby Wipes

Instead of using baby wipes on your dog, you can do the following to keep your pooch happy, healthy, and clean.

Dog Wipes

Leave baby wipes for the babies. For dogs, use pet wipes. They are specifically made for dogs for a quick cleanup, including for a dog’s bum, dog’s face, dog’s ears, dog’s eyes, fur, and anywhere else.

The best dog wipes are:

Pet parents with a furry friend that has sensitive skin should look for wipes with natural ingredients like this dog product:

dog wipes

Dog Shampoo

There’s no need to give your pooch a bath every time he/she gets dirty – that would cause irritation and dry fur in itself. A good quick cleanup trick is to wet a washcloth and put some dog shampoo on it. It’s safe and can boost the health of your dog’s skin and fur. It’s also gentle on the dog’s eyes and around your dog’s bum area.

Dog Eye Wipes

There’s a reason manufacturers have made dog eye wipes. Pet owners should use them for their dog’s eyes and dog’s face to ensure there is no allergic reaction and bacterial infections.

What About Antibacterial Wipes? Are Antibacterial Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No, antibacterial wipes are not safe for dogs for the same reason baby wipes are not good for dogs.

antibacterial wipes for dogs

The Best Dog Wipes

Use dog products on dogs and baby products on babies. Just because baby products are gentle for babies, it doesn’t mean they are gentle on puppies or our furry friends.

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Use the best dog wipes on your dog’s body. Dog Ownership Guide recommends the following pet wipes:

pet wipes
eye wipes for dogs



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