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Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs


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You’ll see many belly bands for sale across the Internet, but not all of them are created equal. When you’re looking for the best belly bands for male dogs, you can turn to Dog Ownership Guide for all the help you need.

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The BEST Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Since you’re looking for the best belly bands for male dogs, we’ll get right into it.

Dog Belly Bands from Amazon

Amazon is a one-stop shop for many dog products. Belly bands for male dogs are no exception. You can find a good selection of these dog diapers there, but they are about the same as far as material goes and how they attach around your dog.

Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Keep an eye on these. They are so great that they are often sold out on Amazon. You may want to get one of the others below BUT keep checking back for these. The reviews are amazing and they come with two in a pack. The designs are oh-so-cute too.

brookes best belly bands for male dogs

They have this cute video that is worth adding here:

Pet Parents

This site has a lot of information about belly bands AND sells them. They don’t have cute patterns like (described below) but they sell their belly bands as a 3-pack.

The packs come in different colors:

  • Natural Pack – Brown and Black
  • Gentleman Pack – Blue, Green, and Black
  • Black Pack – All Black
  • Puddles Pack – Yellow, Baby Blue, and Fun Yellow and Baby Blue Design

Due to this brand selling by the pack, they offer the best value in belly bands.

dog belly bands

Weegreeco Belly Bands for Dogs

We love the plaid pattern on these belly bands! The stretch makes it comfortable and still secure to hold dog urine inside of it. These are washable and come in a 3-pack. They are different patterns available to choose from, so click through to Amazon to see if there is anything you like better.

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belly bands for dogs

The above recommendations are the best belly bands for male dogs on Amazon. Now, let’s explore the best dog belly bands across the Internet, so you have more options.

Dog Belly Bands from Local Businesses

We all know how important it is to support local businesses. Local businesses that sell dog diapers usually make them by hand and put a lot of care into using quality material. You can often get better customer service as well.

The following are some of the best dog belly bands available from local online retailers.

The designs for these are so cute. They don’t just have belly bands for male dogs either, they have diapers for females too. The reason we’re recommending them is that they have over 40 years of experience in dog training and have been making reusable belly bands since 2003.

Their qualities are:

  • Safe and comfortable for all dog breeds.
  • High-quality material sourced from NJ and NY.
  • Tried and tested!
  • Successful business so you know customers are happy.
  • Wide variety of patterns to choose from.
  • You have an option for an absorbent pad and liner or not having them.

Washable Wonders by

Dog Quality has its own line of belly bands for boy dogs. They come in a quantity of one and only come in solid colors: Hunter Green, Navy Blue, and Black.

They have this nice video to show off their brand of belly bands:

Check out their website for more information:

In addition to reusable belly bands, they also have dog diapers for males and females.

Reviewing the Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

To bring them all together, you have the 5 best options.

  1. Brooke’s Belly Bands
  2. Pet Parents
  3. Wegreeco
  5. Washable Wonders by

Learn More About Belly Bands for Male Dogs

You likely already know about belly bands if you were looking for the best ones, but for the people who stumbled over to this article or just want to learn more about them, this section is for you.

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What Belly Bands Do for Male Dogs

Belly bands fit around the body of a dog and cover a male dog’s penis. This keeps urine from ending up on the floor or on furniture.

When a belly band is used, it should be replaced with a clean one to avoid skin irritation.

If skin irritation should occur, which is normal, Aquaphor is safe for dogs. Aquaphor can be rubbed into the dog’s skin to help with healing.

When to Use Belly Bands

The are many times when using belly bands is a good idea.

Incontinent Dogs

Incontinence is common for senior dogs. Instead of cleaning up urine off the floor every day, belly bands can be used.

Older dogs are highly susceptible to rashes, especially around the belly. You can prevent rashes on a dog’s belly by applying Aquaphor or Neosporin on the dog’s skin every time you replace the band.

Excitement Urination

Many dogs become very excited when someone visits or even when their owners come home after a long day. Excitement can sometimes lead to a little urination or a lot.

Belly bands for male dogs come in handy for excitement urination!

Potty Training

You can use belly bands for potty training, too. In between bathroom breaks, put the belly band on so that you can catch any dog urine if there is an accident.

Some pet parents report that belly bands are a training aid by helping their dogs hold their urine much longer, which makes potty training easier.

You don’t have to use belly bands as a last resort to dog potty training, but when you first get started. Of course, if you’ve tried everything already, this might help.

Prevent Marking

We all know that some male dogs love to mark their territory, and then include it on couches, beds, and kitchen table legs. You can keep your pooch from doing it by using a belly band.

Your pup may still try to mark the areas, but all of the urine will remain inside the band.

How to Wash Used Belly Bands

Washing belly bands is super easy. Even though it’s made from waterproof material, it washes well in a washing machine.

Some dog owners simply throw them into the washing machine with the sanitization setting.

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Other pet parents will rinse it first in a sink and maybe some detergent and then place it in the washing machine.

Always remember to remove the disposable pads before washing as that can make a mess.

Also, Velcro the belly band together. That will keep the velcro from attaching to other belly bands in the wash. It will also preserve the integrity of the Velcro to make it last longer.

Sizing Belly Bands for Male Dogs

Proper sizing is important for the bands or they will become loose or end up moving down the body.

Always measure your dog’s waist size. Your dog’s belly is much bigger to accommodate the belly. The belly band doesn’t go around the belly, it goes around the waist.

If you’re unsure where your pup’s waste is, measure where your dog’s penis is around the top of the body. That’s the waist size.

While you may be tempted to purchase a smaller size for your dog, remember there is a disposable pad that will need to fit in it. That takes up space.

If your dog’s belly band is too tight, the Velcro may not stay, which then could be highly frustrating when you have to keep putting it on. Especially, if it’s after your dog had an accident.

Getting one that is too big isn’t good either. Dog urine can seep out or it can wiggle out of place, which then would defeat its purpose.

The perfect size for your dog’s belly band is snug without being forced to Velcro together. When measuring, add a quarter inch for the disposable pad. This will likely give you the right size so you can purchase with confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Belly Bands for Males

The following are frequently asked questions about belly bands for males.

[saswp_tiny_multiple_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Are belly bands okay for dogs?” answer-0=”Yes, belly bands are okay for dogs. They can be used temporarily as a training aid or for a long time for senior dogs with urinary incontinence.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”How long can a dog wear a belly band?” answer-1=”How long a dog can wear a belly band depends on how often the dog urinates. The belly band should be replaced with a new one every time a pooch urinates inside of it to prevent skin rashes and irritation. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Are belly bands for dogs cruel?” answer-2=”Belly bands are not cruel because they don’t restrict anything but urine ending up in undesirable places. Most pups don’t even realize they are wearing one once they get used to them.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true”]

For additional information on belly bands, consider reading the pros and cons of belly bands for dogs.



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