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Can I Cut the Hair on My Dog’s Willy?


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If you’re asking the question: can I cut the hair on my dog’s willy? We have the answer for you.

Can I Cut the Hair on My Dog’s Willy?

Yes, you can cut the hair on your dog’s willy and you should do it. Hair in your dog’s private area can become dirty quickly, harbor bacteria and lead to skin irritation and infection. While you can cut the hair on your dog’s willy, do it very carefully.

How to Cut the Hair on Your Dog’s Willy

The best way to cut the hair around your dog’s private area is to grab the hair and then cut right beneath where you are holding it. That way, you stay far away from your dog’s skin.

Keeping the hair short around your dog’s willy is good enough. You do not have to shave all the hair off until there is nothing there.

Shave Your Dog’s Private Area

It’s better to shave your dog’s private area vs. cutting because it’s safely. With a shaver, there is a guard which will help prevent cuts, scrapes, etc.

Always be sure to go slowly when shaving any sensitive areas of your dog.

What Happens If You Hurt Your Dog While Cutting the Hair?

Stop immediately. Wash the area with water.

You can put some Aquaphor or Neosporin on the cut to help it heal. Watch the area to ensure an infection doesn’t form.

So, can you cut the hair on your dog’s willy?

Yes, you can cut the hair on your dog’s willy but do it carefully. When in fear of hurting your pup, reach out to a professional groomer who will be able to do it for you.

Groomers often call trimming a dog’s private area a hygiene cut. You may want to request that if you don’t want to actually say private area or willy.

You can also ask your vet to trim the area. Many veterinarians will do it because it is important to keep your dog from getting irritation or infection in that area of the body.

Now you know you can cut the hair on your dog’s willy. Feel free to browse the rest of the site to learn more about caring for your dog from the experiences that we have with our pups.



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