Can You Bathe Dogs in Dettol?

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Pet owners often ask the question: Can you bathe dogs in Dettol? Dog Ownership Guide did the research so you don’t have to do it. Keep reading to find out the answer.

Can You Bathe Dogs in Dettol?

No. Do NOT bathe dogs in Dettol. Dettol is poisonous to dogs because the active ingredient in it is Phenol Chloroxylenol.


dettol is dangerous for dogs


Why Dettol Is Poisonous to Dogs

Phenol Chloroxylenol is the active ingredient in Dettol. It has been used for many years as an antiseptic and disinfectant for cleaning products – it is a derivative of coal tar.

While Dettol is safe for humans, it is highly dangerous for dogs. In a study published in Pub Med, three dogs experienced severe oral and gastric ulceration following phenol poisoning.

Hematological abnormalities were:

  • Toix Neutrophils
  • Thrombocytopenia
  • Increased Muscle Enzymes

The veterinarians in the study performed an endoscopic examination on all dogs and two of them suffered from gastric mucosal necrosis.

All dogs recovered with specialized care.

The dogs in the study were poisoned by their owners after reading misinformation on the Internet.

Dettol is NOT safe for dogs.

DO NOT Bathe Dogs in Diluted Dettol

Many sites online advise pet owners to dilute Dettol with warm water for bathing dogs. Diluting Dettol does not make this common household disinfectant safe for dogs.

Dettol liquid is a toxic substance that should not be ingested orally or transdermally (via the dog’s skin).

How to Keep Dogs Safe from Dettol

Pet owners should not use common household disinfectants like Dettol. Even using it to clean floors can be a threat to dogs.

If dogs walk over a floor wet from being washed with Dettol soap, they can become poisoned by it.

No amount is safe from the dangers of Dettol. Many dog owners believe it’s okay to treat a minor wound. Do NOT use it in any way on dogs of any size – large dogs or small dogs.

It is best not to keep Dettol in your home as a pet owner.

Other Dangerous Cleaning Agents for Dogs

While on the topic of Dettol liquid and its dangers, let’s uncover the truth among other harmful substances for dogs.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Many pet owners believe it’s okay to use it on dogs for minor wounds. It is not safe for dogs and can slow down the healing process of wounds. It damages skin tissue surrounding the wound causing more problems than it solves.

Diluting hydrogen peroxide with water can still damage tissue, so do not be fooled by the recommendation.

Pine Oil

Many pet owners use pine oil to clean floors in their homes. Pine oil is toxic to dogs and can cause liver damage and kidney damage and disrupt the central nervous system and GI tract.


dettol for bathing dogs


Alternatives to Dettol for Dog Owners

There’s no need for dog owners to use Dettol. The following are alternatives to Dettol that pet owners can use for cleaning and caring for their pets.


Dog owners should use similar products to Dettol in their homes. With so many cleaning products available these days, it’s not imperative to use Dettol liquid to clean your home.

Consider using only natural cleaning products such as vinegar for cleaning areas of your home. Yes, it is just as effective as harsh chemicals. It disinfects and deodorizes.

Dog Care

Apple cider vinegar is safe for dogs. Bathing a dog in apple cider vinegar can help relieve itching and repel fleas and ticks. Placing the vinegar on a cotton ball can also be applied to a pet’s skin to relieve irritation.

Apple cider vinegar is safe if ingested. It can regular blood sugar levels and it’s a great heart health supplement.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best thing for pet’s skin. It can also be used to care for your dog’s fur and paws because it is moisturizing.

One important thing – castor oil SHOULD NOT be ingested orally because it contains Ricin, which is toxic to both humans and dogs.

Betadine Solution

Betadine is great for a dog’s wounds. Use a washcloth to apply betadine solution to your dog’s skin twice a day.

Betadine solution is an effective treatment for minor sores and skin infections. Pet owners do not have to worry about their pet licking where it is applied because it is completely safe if ingested.

Salt Water

A teaspoon of salt and two cups of warm water applied to a dog’s wound is a great way to speed up recovery.

Can You Bathe Dogs in Dettol?

No, do not bathe dogs in Dettol. It should not be used for baths or the treatment of wounds. It is highly detrimental to your dog’s health, resulting in poisoning.

While many people have used diluted Dettol on their pets without consequence, it only takes one time for it to cause phenol poisoning risking the life of your beloved pet.

Use the alternatives above or speak to your veterinarian for advice on other solutions for treating fleas, minor wounds, or skin issues Your dog depends on you to keep him/her safe. Stay away from Dettol.

Read additional information about the safety of Dettol here: Is Dettol Safe for Dogs?

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