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Can You Use Antibacterial Wipes on Dogs?


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Since we use antibacterial wipes much more these days due to COVID, the flu, and many other lurking germs that are EVERYWHERE, it’s no wonder that many dog owners wonder if they can use antibacterial wipes on dogs. Of course, the answer to the question, “Can you use antibacterial wipes on dogs?” is yes, but are they safe?

Are Antibacterial Wipes Safe for Dogs?

No, antibacterial wipes are not safe for dogs. They contain harsh chemicals that can harm a dog’s sensitive skin. While using antibacterial wipes on your dog’s paws, ears, etc. one time may not hurt your pup, continued use can cause skin dryness, redness, and irritation.

The other risk of using antibacterial wipes on dogs’ paws is that they can lick the chemicals off their paws. Ingesting the chemicals in the antibacterial wipes can make your dog sick and continued ingestion can lead to serious medical issues.

antibacterial wipes on dogs

Are Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes Safe for Dogs?

The original brand of Wet Ones antibacterial wipes is not safe for dogs. They contain the same harsh chemicals as other brands of antibacterial wipes. The good news is that there is a type of antibacterial wipes for dogs that are safe.

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Wet Ones has a pet-specific antibacterial wipe that is specifically made for the sensitive skin of pets. If you’re interested in using antibacterial or antifungal wipes on your dog then those would be the best choice.

What Makes Antibacterial Wipes Toxic for Dogs

There’s a chemical called propylene glycol that is toxic to dogs in large amounts, according to Pet Poison Helpline. This anti-freeze ingredient is the safest one when compared to ethylene glycol, which is why dog owners can use wipes containing it once and a while. Poisoning can occur when dogs ingest a high amount.

What is consider a high amount is undetermined since dog weight, dog size, and metabolism have an influence on poisoning risk. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to our furry friend, though.

Antibacterial Wipes for Dogs

In addition to the Wet Ones brand of antibacterial wipes, there are other brands that are safe to use on dogs. The following are ones that you can use without worry they contain dangerous chemicals that can hurt your dog.

Medicated Dog Wipes by Nootie – Antifungal, Antimicrobial, & Antibacterial Wipes for Dogs

antimicrobial wipes for dogs


Petkin Pet Wipes for Dogs

big n thick pet wipes


Do You Need to Use Antibacterial Wipes for Dogs?

No, you don’t need to use antibacterial wipes for dogs. Dogs don’t contract viruses and illnesses the way humans do, which is why we have antibacterial wipes. Dogs can catch some canine-related illnesses such as kennel cough from other dogs, but as long as your dog has the kennel cough vaccine, he/she shouldn’t be at risk.

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A rag or paper towel with water is just as good as antibacterial wipes when it comes to cleaning and it’s safer. If you’re out and about like at the dog park and don’t have anything for your pup’s dirty paws except antibacterial wipes, then you can use them. Keep it limited, though due to those harsh chemicals in the antibacterial formula.

To back this up, Texas veterinarian Dr. Sara Ochoa says “a gentle baby shampoo and water will do the trick., Just like hand-washing protocol for people, wash your pet’s paws for 20 seconds before rinsing off.”

Summary: Can You Use Antibacterial Wipes on Dogs?

Yes, you can use antibacterial wipes on dogs, but they are not safe for regular use due to the harsh chemicals on the wipes. If you want to use antibacterial or antifungal wipes on dogs, choose brands that have made ones specifically for pets.

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