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Can You Use Aquaphor on Dogs?


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Aquaphor is amazing. We love to use it on our hands, dry elbows, and anywhere else there are skin problems to heal. Can you use Aquaphor on dogs, though? We did the research so you don’t have to do it, and this is what we found out.

Can You Use Aquaphor on Dogs?

Yes! Aquaphor is safe on dogs and can be used to treat many ailments, such as dry skin, dry noses, hot spots, wounds, and more.

What Is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is an over-the-counter ointment (petroleum jelly-like product) manufactured by Beiersdorf, Inc. It has been available for use for superficial skin problems and skin care for over 90 years.

Aquaphor is made up of petrolatum (or petroleum jelly) – the active ingredient. Humans use it to help treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It can also help relieve chapped or cracked skin and lips.

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aquaphor on dogs

Using Aquaphor on Dogs

The answer to the question: can you use Aquaphor on your dog is yes. It’s just as safe for dogs as it is for humans.

It’s always a good idea to check with your vet before giving your dog anything new. While Aquaphor is generally safe for dogs, your veterinarian will be able to tell you for sure whether your dog can tolerate it.

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Aquaphor healing ointment should only be used topically on the dog’s skin. A dog should never consume Aquaphor healing ointment or any Vaseline type of product by mouth.

A small amount of the ointment is all that is needed for a healing effect. The treatment may need to be repeated for maximum effect.

Sure, here’s the table again without the lines:

Dos and Don’ts of Using Aquaphor on Your Dog

Can help treat paw pad hyperkeratosisApply on open wounds or broken skin
Can protect a dog’s skin againstIngestion can cause digestive issues
irritationUse as a substitute for veterinary care
Can heal dry noses
Can treat pressure sores

How to Use Aquaphor on Dogs

You can use Aquaphor in many ways to help relieve skin problems. The following are just some of the many ways pet owners can use ointment.

Dog’s Dry Skin

Just like us, dogs can also suffer from dry skin. Whether it’s red, flakey, or just cracked, this can cause discomfort for your pet.

Using Aquaphor on your dog’s dry skin can help calm the irritation and provide comfort for your pet.

Soothe a Dog’s Nose

Dogs tend to lick their noses quite often causing them to become dry and irritated. This can lead to a condition called Hyperkeratosis.

A thin layer of Aquaphor is completely safe to use to help soothe a dog’s nose.

Apply twice a day for the best results.

Some dogs have crusty noses because the discharge from the nose dries. Remove anything from your dog’s nose before applying the ointment.

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Hot Spots

Aquaphor is also a great way to help heal hot spots on dogs.

Applying the ointment to the affected area. This will help decrease the irritation and itchiness and speed up healing.

Dog’s Paws

When your dog’s paws become dry or get cracked, Aquaphor can come to the rescue.

Apply a thin coat of Aquaphor on dog paws for almost instant relief. The cool gel will help relieve the itchiness. The active ingredient will help heal the minor cuts from the dryness and cracks.

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To ensure that the ointment remains on the affected area you may want to try investing in some dog booties, like the ones below.

dog booties

Dog Wound

Aquaphor can also aid in dog wounds and minor cuts. Clean the area thoroughly and then apply a small amount of Aquaphor to the affected area.

Continue to apply the ointment until the area is completely healed.

Scaly Elbows

Our pup’s elbows go through a lot with the constant contact with different surfaces when they lay down. This can cause their elbows to become scaly and develop calluses. Aquaphor and another petroleum jelly product Vaseline are great products you can use to help cure these. It’s as easy as massaging a small amount onto the area every 12 hours a week to relieve scaly elbows.

aquaphor for dog's nose

Aquaphor Side Effects for Dogs

Aquaphor will work wonders for your pup unless they happen to ingest the ointment. It is a non-toxic substance, but because of the mineral oil content, it can cause stomach issues if consumed. These issues include severe diarrhea and vomiting. If your pup starts to show these symptoms and you are worried don’t be afraid to call your local veterinarian.

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When Aquaphor Can Cause Problems

The main ingredient in Aquaphor is petroleum jelly. Petroleum jelly is safe for dogs topically. While small amounts of Aquaphor ingested won’t hurt your dog, if your dog were to ingest a large amount, an upset stomach and/or diarrhea could occur. If your dog ate Aquaphor, he/she will likely be okay. Watch for symptoms of an upset stomach and diarrhea. If diarrhea lasts for longer than 24 hours, contact your veterinarian for advice.

If you’re thinking of Vaseline since it is only mostly petroleum jelly, it is similar. Can you use Vaseline on your dog? Yes, you can.

Other Options to Heal a Dog’s Skin Problems

Aquaphor is great, but there is another petroleum jelly-like product that you may be familiar with – Vaseline. It can also be used on dogs’ paws, dry noses, and skin.

Olive oil is a great anti-microbial moisturizer for the skin and can help with healing.

It is not a good idea to use hydrogen peroxide on your dog. While many people use it on their cuts, it can have the opposite effect on dogs by irritating tissue.

CBD oil is a great alternative to Aquaphor. Not only can it help with dry skin, but it can also soothe dog skin allergies. You can learn more about how CBD can help by reading:

CBD Oil for Dog Allergies

Can You Put Aquaphor on Dogs’ Dry Skin?

Yes, you can put Aquaphor on a dog’s dry skin. Aquaphor is a great way to heal skin conditions such as dry skin, minor wounds, and skin infections.

Dog owners should contact their vet to confirm Aquaphor is right for their dog, as every pup is different.

Aquaphor for Dogs

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