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Canna-Pet Products

CBD isn’t just for dog owners anymore. Now, your dog can also take advantage of the amazing health benefits of full-spectrum CBD. With Canna-Pet Products, your dog can enjoy less stress, anxiety, and pain, and improve immunity for a happier and healthier life. Learn all about Canna-Pet products here to see if it’s right for you and your pup.

canna-pet products
canna-pet product - full spectrum cbd for dogs

CBD Capsules from Canna-Pet

One of the most popular Canna-Pet products is the advanced formula capsules. Coming in Advanced Small (for dogs under 20 pounds) and Advanced Large (for dogs over 20 pounds) capsules, dogs receive CBD oil derived from hemp extract. The entire hemp plant is used so that cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids provide the entourage effect for greater effectiveness.

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Advanced MaxCBD Canna-Pet Products

When you want a higher dose of CBD for dogs, Advanced MaxCBD is the solution for you. Canna-Pet’s Advanced MaxCBD provides a higher concentration of CBD oil, more cannabinoids, higher levels of terpenes, and better absorption and bioavailability.

Advanced MaxCBD comes in a liquid tincture and capsules – 10 or 30 capsules.

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canna-pet product - cbd biscuits

Canna-Pet Biscuits for Dogs

In addition to Advanced Capsules and Advanced MaxCBD, Canna-Pet offers CBD biscuits for dogs. In yummy flavors like maple bacon, turkey, peanut butter, and apple, your pup won’t even know he/she is getting a healthy supplement.

Advanced formula biscuits have 3-4x more CBD in every biscuit and come in a package of three.

Canna-Pet Products Support Charities

Canna-Pet gives back to pet communities nationwide by providing 50% discounts to shelters, fosters, and animal rescue charities. This significant discount is meant to make CBD benefits available for all pets in need at an affordable price. If you work or volunteer in any of the above settings, reach out to the team at Canna-Pet to learn more about the half off discount.

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About Canna-Pet Products

Canna-Pet Products are refined in a lab, analyzed, and tested for purity. The company has worked with veterinarians to ensure their products are safe for dogs and cats.

Canna-Pet is the only company that offers:

  • CBD dog products covered by major pet insurers such as PetPlan
  • A money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • A cGMP product with phytochemicals

Pet owners can feel confidant knowing Canna-Pet Products are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • US Grown
  • 3rd Party Tested
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

Buy Canna-Pet Products

Canna-Pet products are available to pet owners worldwide without a prescription. CBD capsules, CBD biscuits, and CBD oil are available in various doses. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. Order now for fast delivery.

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