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Dogs bark for a reason. They may bark because they suffer from anxiety – separation anxiety, car anxiety, etc. They may bark because they are excited and happy, like when their owner comes home after a long day at work. While there’s nothing necessarily wrong with barking, excessive barking can become a problem. It’s why many dog owners have asked if there’s CBD for dog barking.

CBD for Dog Barking

CBD is an effective and safe option for barking dogs. Since CBD has anti-anxiety properties, dogs often feel much more relaxed after taking a dose of a CBD product. With a lower level of anxiety, dogs usually don’t bark as much.

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Why Dogs Bark Excessively

Dogs bark a lot for many reasons:

  • They are afraid of something, such as thunderstorms or car rides.
  • There are people or other animals around that are threatening the territory. It’s important for your dog to warn them that there’s a territory violation.
  • They miss their human. When people have to leave for long periods, dogs don’t understand. Many of them bark to communicate they miss their human.
  • Dogs also bark when they are excited. For instance, when they are about to get a treat or they see someone they really like coming to them.

No matter the reason dogs bark, the good news is that CBD in the form of CBD oil or treats can help reduce the frequency of it.

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How Long Does It Take CBD to Calm a Dog Down?

Dogs often seem noticeably calmer after about an hour of eating a CBD dog treat or ingesting CBD oil. The effects of the dog CBD can take 4 – 8 hours.

Factors influencing how long it takes for CBD to calm a dog down are:

Bigger dogs may take longer to experience the effects of CBD, while smaller ones may not experience the effects for very long due to being more active. Eating a big meal shortly before or after receiving the supplement affects how fast and how long the dose lasts as well.

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Types of CBD for Dog Barking

There isn’t a specific type of CBD for excessive barking, but CBD, in general, does help a dog’s barking. CBD is made in a few different ways and understanding the types will help you decide which one is best for your pup.

Full Spectrum CBD

CBD is made from the hemp plant’s flowers and buds. Full-Spectrum CBD is made from the entire plant, which means that it does contain a small amount of THC – 0.03%. This small amount of THC does not harm a dog at all – it doesn’t have enough of the psychoactive component to make your dog “high”.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD is made similarly to Full Spectrum CBD but the THC is removed from it. This is perfect for pet owners that want to give their pets CBD made from the entire hemp plant but not the THC.

Isolate CBD

This form of CBD is made from the hemp plant, but it only has CBD in it. The other types (Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum) contain other compounds such as terpenes. Isolate CBD is just CBD – nothing else – including 0 THC.


Hemp is made from the hemp plant’s seeds. Many people think hemp oil or hemp seed oil is the same as CBD oil, but it is not. Hemp is made from hemp plant seeds, which means their composition is different. The benefits of hemp are slightly different from CBD.

It’s also good to know the hemp plant is also referred to as a cannabis plant. Since it does come from a “cannabis plant”, it contains a very small amount (.03 percent) of THC.

For the case of excessive barking, CBD is the best choice.

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How CBD Helps Calm Anxiety

In the 1980s, researchers discovered that humans have an endocannabinoid system. It wasn’t very long before researchers discovered canines have an endocannabinoid system too. This system supports many of the major organs in the body, including the immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, brain, etc.

When the researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system, they were trying to identify what CBD does in the body. They found that when ingested, the cannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors. The cannabinoid receptors support the endocannabinoid system – maximizing its efficiency.

When the endocannabinoid system doesn’t work well, the brain and nervous system can become more reactive. This reactivity translates to anxiety and then your dog’s excessive barking.

For instance, you leave the house for work, and your dog’s already nervous because of the body being “on the edge” when you leave, it sets off the barking frenzy that the neighbors love so much.

With CBD for dogs, the nervous system and brain are much calmer. When you leave, your dog will likely not bark as much or at all.

The same goes for other common reasons for anxiety other than separation anxiety:

  • Thunderstorms
  • Cars
  • Other Animals

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dog cbd for barking

How to Stop Dog Barking

One of the most common complaints from dog owners is their dog’s barking. The good news is that CBD for dog barking can help, but it may not stop it completely.

Training to stop the behavior may also be needed for your furry friend. Many pet owners reach out to professional dog trainers to help with their dog’s excessive barking, but you can try some simple training techniques to see if they work.

  • Place pennies into an aluminum can and every time your dog barks, shake it vigorously. The loud noise will get your dog’s attention and the barking will stop. Every time your dog starts to bark again, shake the can again. Soon your pup will relate the barking to that awful loud sound and he may stop barking so much.
  • Get a squirt bottle and squirt your furry friend every time he/she barks. This will also catch his/her attention and if your pup doesn’t like water, it will work well. The trick is to be consistent.
  • Remember that praise is a good thing too. Whenever your dog doesn’t bark even though you know usually he/she does, let your dog know you’re very happy about it. This will make your dog happy and when you’re dog is happy, you will be happy. Happy Dogs ~ Happy Owners
  • If you know your dog is afraid of loud noises, try to limit exposure to them as much as possible. For instance, if there’s a thunderstorm, cuddle with your pup under a blanket or turn up the television or music in your home. While it may be hard to hide the loud noises, the other noise may distract your pup a bit.

If after trying the above training techniques, you don’t seem to see any improvement in your dog’s excessive barking, turn to dog trainers who may be able to help. It may also be a good idea to ask your vet about ways to help your dog in addition to CBD oil or dog treats.

Buying CBD for Dog Barking

You have some options for CBD products. You can give your dog CBD oil, CBD treats, or CBD capsules. The three brands of CBD products Dog Ownership Guide recommends are:

All of the above brands take CBD manufacturing very seriously, so you can feel confident in that knowing you are purchasing the best CBD possible for your canine companion.

Now you know that you can use CBD for dog barking. The supplement is effective in calming your dog’s mind by reducing anxiety. The bonus is that it can also help with other issues, such as pain (chronic pain or joint pain), mobility, and the risk of serious medical conditions.

As always, please speak to your veterinarian before giving your pup anything new to try, including CBD for dog barking. Your vet can advise on whether it’s right for your canine companion and the best dosage to be effective.

Learn how to give your dog CBD oil. 

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