CBD for Dogs Nail Trimming


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Pet parents who have tried to trim their dog’s nails know all too well how difficult it can be to do, especially when the dog is nervous about it. Many pet owners turn to CBD to help calm their pup before nail trimming. Learn more about CBD for dogs’ nail trimming below to see if it’s right for you and your furry friend.

The Effects of CBD on Dogs

CBD is a natural supplement that boosts the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is responsible for supporting significant parts of the dog’s body, such as the immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and more.

The problem is that the ECS can’t perform optimally when the body doesn’t produce enough cannabinoids for the cannabinoid receptors. CBD acts similarly to naturally occurring cannabinoids in the body.

Without the stress on the ECS of not having enough cannabinoids, the body can relax. This, in turn, calms a dog despite external stressors such as a car ride that usually causes anxiety.

dog cbd for nail trimming

Why CBD for Dogs Nail Trimming Works

Since CBD oil has a calming effect on dogs, it’s the perfect way to reduce anxiety with nail trimming.

Most dogs are afraid of nail clippers or nail trimmers because they make a noise when they cut through long nails. It’s also uncomfortable for dogs to have people touch and hold their paws, which intensifies anxiety.

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With CBD for dogs’ nail trimming, dogs remain much calmer making it easier to trim overgrown nails.

Nail Trims with Professional Groomers

Pet owners who take their pup to the groomers may find that their dog suffers more from being with someone he/she isn’t familiar with. Add on having that stranger touch your pup’s nails and paws and the sounds of the dog nail clippers, and the anxiety could hit all-time highs and even turn into dog aggression.

Nail trims can be much more enjoyable for your dog and professional groomers by using CBD for dogs nail trimming.

CBD and Pain Relief from Nail Cutting

CBD for dogs’ nail trimming isn’t just for lowering anxiety; it can also help with pain from nail-cutting accidents. No matter if you’re a dog owner or a professional groomer, nail-cutting accidents happen. Even with a nail file or nail grinder, nails can be shortened too much, which means hitting the nerve ending in the “Kwik”. When your dog’s nails are cut too short (due to having dark nails or black nails), your dog may shout in pain and bleed.

CBD is an effective pain reliever. If it’s already in your pup’s system, it will significantly help reduce any pain felt by accidents.

Try CBD for Your Dog’s Nail Trimming

Whether you use a dog nail grinder (like a Dremel tool) or dog nail clippers, your pup may still be anxious about it. This is especially true if your furry friend has an unknown professional groomer doing it.

Pet parents can turn a bad experience into a much better one by using CBD. Not only does it effectively lower anxiety associated with stressful experiences, but it can also reduce any pain felt if an accident happens.

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The only thing to know before buying CBD oil for your dog is that you should always buy pet-specific CBD from a reputable retailer. For CBD to be effective, it should be produced with the highest standards.

dog nail trimming with cbd

Recommendations for Dog CBD

Below are some retailers who sell high-quality CBD for dogs you can use for nail trimming.


HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats and oil are exactly what dog owners want in terms of high-quality cannabinoids. Their organic CBD dog treats are delicious and healthy, made with all-natural ingredients and superfoods.



King Kanine

When searching for the best CBD oil for your dogs, be sure to choose a high-quality formula like King Kanine. Their CBD oil is made from natural ingredients sourced from the United States, and their proprietary blend of krill oil, hemp oil, and copaiba oil makes it even more effective.



Diamond CBD

The primary mission of Diamond CBD is to investigate and develop new CBD hemp extracts so that they are available to people all over the world. By providing a broad range of CBD dog products, more people and their furry companions can easily reap the benefits that CBD has to offer and live happy, healthy lives.




Lolahemp’s CBD brand was inspired by a cute pup named Lola who suffered from anxiety until her owner tried CBD instead of prescription medication. The effects were amazing, but the CBD options were frightening. Lolahemp’s mission is to provide top-quality hemp oil products containing naturally occurring CBD to as many furbabies as possible.

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