Where to Buy HolistaPet

If you’re wondering where to buy HolistaPet, you’re in luck. This article will help you. At Dog Ownership Guide, we know that HolistaPet is a preferred supplied of spectrum CBD oil for dogs and we want to make sure you purchase their high quality products at the best places.

Why Buy HolistaPet CBD Products

HolistaPet is one of the best places to buy high quality CBD pet products. They source their hemp plants, hemp seed powder, and hemp seed oil from a farm in Colorado. All of their CBD dog treats are organic and made with natural ingredients, such as peanut butter and superfoods.

CBD products made from a hemp plant, hemp seed powder and hemp seed oil will not cause your dog to get “high” or “intoxicated”. CBD affects the endocannabinoid system, which is the powerhouse for many parts of the body. This is why research in CBD for dogs and humans has found that it can effectively help with immune care, digestive issues, joint pain, anxiety, and much more.

All pet owners should discuss the use of CBD pet tinctures and other CBD pet products with their dog’s veterinarian before starting.

Where to Buy HolistaPet Online

There are a few different places to buy HolistaPet CBD oil and CBD dog treats.

The HolistaPet Website – HolistaPet.com

HolistaPet CBD oil can be purchased on its website. Simply choose the product you would like to purchase, add it to your cart, and complete the checkout process.

When you purchase spectrum CBD oil and dog treats from HolistaPet’s website, you will receive Free Shipping and Rewards with each order.

The HolistaPet website provides a 30 day money back guarantee and will even add 15 more days to that as a grace period. The process includes completing a refund request form, printing a return label, and sending the product back to them.


Amazon is a good option for people who are looking for a quick delivery of HolistaPet CBD dog treats and CBD tincture products. While not all of the HolistaPet CBD products are available on Amazon, they have the most common ones.

Many pet owners will choose Amazon to buy HolistaPet products, especially new customers since Amazon has such an easy return process. The time to return a product is the same as purchasing through the website – 30 days.

Eco Dogs and Cats

Eco Dogs and Cats also sells HolistaPet products. They do not have much by the brand, but they do have their CBD oil.

The return policy is 15 days.

The Best Place to Buy HolistaPet

The best place to buy HolistaPet CBD dog treats and CBD tincture is on the website – holistapet.com and the close second best place is on Amazon. The benefit of purchasing HolistaPet CBD products directly is that you’ll be able to take advantage of the rewards for future purchases. Amazon, of course, you’ll get your order in two days with Prime shipping.

A good option is to start with HolistaPet on Amazon and if you decide it is the best CBD oil and dog treats, you can then start purchasing them through the site to take advantage of their perks. You can even get some promotions throughout the year if you sign up for their newsletter, which is recommended.

We do not recommend purchasing HolistaPet through third parties. You simply don’t get it from the source, nor do you benefit from the perks of the company or Amazon’s perks, which has made them famous.

Click below to order your CBD oil and dog treats from HolistaPet’s website.