Diamond CBD for Dogs

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Diamond CBD for Dogs

While CBD was initially used by humans, many dog owners are starting to realize the product can be highly beneficial to their best furry friends. Diamond CBD has embraced the dog ownership community by releasing a line of Diamond CBD for dogs.

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About Diamond CBD

Diamond CDB has a team made up of doctors and scientists. The team is dedicated to producing high quality CBD dog products with natural ingredients. Their efforts in research and development has made it possible for them to serve thousands of people nationwide.

All of the CBD products from Diamond are made in the USA and made with America grown hemp. They offer 2 day shipping for order over $100 and customers earn reward points with every purchase.

Diamond CBD for Dogs

The pet products line includes CBD treats for dogs and CBD oil.

CBD Pet Treats

The CBD pet treats for dogs come in many different flavors and contain Full Spectrum CBD in each treat.


What Is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD products contain multiple cannabis plant extracts. These extracts include essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Some full-spectrum CBD products contain up to 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).
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CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD for dogs available from Diamond CBD come in various strengths for different size dogs.

MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs – Extreme Strength – 550mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs – Extreme Strength – 250mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs – Strong Strength – 350mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs – Extreme Strength – 100mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs – Regular Strength – 50mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs – Regular Strength – 100mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs – Regular Strength – 25mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs – Strong Strength – 150mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs – Strong Strength – 50mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs – 240mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs – 600mg
MediPets CBD Oil for Small Dogs – 90mg

How Pet Owners Can Administer CBD Oil to Dogs

The easiest way to give CBD oil to dogs is by putting it on your pet’s food. Since it’s not a lot, most dogs do not detect the oil in their food making it easy to give a dog the product.

Diamond CBD products can also be put into the water bowl. The only concern is if the dog doesn’t drink all of its water in the day, he/she won’t receive the full dose.

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CBD Dosage and Dogs

It is always a good idea to check with your veterinarian before giving CBD to your dog. The vet can tell you if it’s a good idea and how much your pet may need for maximum health benefits.

The Difference Between CBD for Dogs vs. Humans

Diamond CBD for dogs is designed to support the needs of dogs. It’s made for their bodies and endocannabinoid system.

Giving dogs CBD made for humans is not recommended.

Diamond CBD Review

In 2018, Diamond CBD suffered some bad press because their products contain synthetic cannabinoids in some of its products even though they claimed they only used natural ingredients. This was 3 years ago and since that time, the company seems to have learned its lesson. All products are non-GMO and made from organic hemp.

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Diamond CBD for Pet Parents

Diamond CBD products for dogs are a good option for pet parents. The dog treats come in many yummy flavors and with the different dosages, it’s easy to give your pooch the best dose for his/her needs.

Dog owners can benefit from CBD oil as well, so consider ordering some of the products for humans while ordering for your dog. You both can live a healthy and happy life with the help CBD benefits can provide.

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