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lolahemp reviews for cbd

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Google Reviews


We have sourced the below reviews from Lolahemp’s Google Business Profile. While we try our best to keep the reviews up to date below, if you’re interested in seeing the latest ones, click here.

Brianne S.

My dog Lucy loves the Lola Hemp products and benefits from the soft chews. Lucy is. Beagle/Bulldog and she struggles with knee pain so whenever she is feeling sore we give her a few chews and she moves so much better! I myself also benefit from taking the human CBD oil at night to help me fall asleep faster. Customer service is great too! My order was delayed due to weather, the person I spoke to super responsive and they threw in an extra bag of chews just because!

Tristan T.

Zeus loves his Lolahemp treats! He has lots of anxiety about the car, weird floors (he hates wood floors), and new places and his Lolahemp treats have helped him calm down in these situations.

Besides that Zeus loves his chews, Lolahemp has phenomenal customer service, and a team that really cares about your pets wellbeing!

Highly recommend trying out these wonderful CBD products for your pet!


My Chip absolutely loves his calming chews! They help him relax during car rides and major holidays. Really great customer service as well, they were super helpful when I first started to give Chip these chews. Highly recommend!

Stuart L.

If you are like me and your pet is like a son or daughter, you simply want the best products for them. Since I know and have seeing the benefits of CBD, Lolahemp is simply the place to get the best. My dog asked me to give this review 🙂

Crista S.

Love the products and the customer service is outstanding! Highly recommend.

Customer Website Reviews

The below reviews were sourced from the Lolahemp website. You can read more reviews by clicking here.

Jane G.

Alice is 13 years old and has been suffering from arthritis and pretty regular seizures. She’s a sweet and gentle dog who is also a little high strung. I rescued her when she was five years old. She’d been neglected and was in a kill shelter. My vet and I have worked together and she’s tolerating a compounded medication and doing pretty well. She’d been on a different brand of CDB and I read about Lola Hemp. I called to ask about dosing a spoke directly with the owner Joey, who took time and care. Alice is doing VERY well on this hemp oil. Highly recommend! Thanks so much!!

Marietta M.

This oil is great! I was skeptical but this really works!! My Elsie,a French Briard is 10 and was experiencing stiffness in her hind end.It was visible in her gait and difficulty climbing stairs.I noticed a difference in a week.Will keep buying and highly recommend this product!!

Diane B.

My 12 year old Pomeranian was beginning to get slow about getting up from laying down. We had tried several other brands of joint and hip supplements but none of them worked as quickly or as effectively as the Lolahemp. After just 2 weeks we noticed him being more energetic and no more problems with getting up when laying down or upstairs. We also purchased the Lolahemp calming chews and they far exceed any other calming hemp we have used. Noticed calming effect almost immediately after giving the chew. I highly recommend Lolahemp to anyone who is experiencing issues with hip/joint issues or anxiety from thunderstorms, fireworks, or just separation issues?

Emily R.

We decided to use Lolahemp for our baby Gus after reading the great reviews. She is going to be 9 in December of this year and suffers from some aches and pains that come from old age and her specific breed… we started her on Lolahemp in June of 2021 and months later she is doing amazing! She is jumping around and acting like a puppy again 😀 We love her so much and love that lolahemp has made her feel better ❤️


TrustPilot Reviews for Lolahemp

Trustpilot reviewers give Lolapet 4.8 stars out of 5.0. This is based on 183 reviews. Below are some of them, including the lower star ones so that you can be aware. You can read all of them by clicking here.

John V.

My Australian cattle dog is about 10 years old. She’s been sluggish and has no interest in playing. We’ve been to the vet and she passed all the blood tests. I have been giving her lolahemp for 2 weeks now and see no difference in her. The vet did say she has GERD (acid reflux) and prescribed a prescription and an antacid, so I’m hoping this will make a difference for her. I’ll continue with the lolahemp.


The company was quick to ship the product and pricing seems in line with other hemp products. It did not, however, make any difference in my dog’s joint issues.

Terri G.

This is my 3rd bottle of CBD drops. Not sure if it is working. However, it does make my chihuahuas drowsy.

Sheri L.

I have to say average because I am waiting to see a difference in my dogs. Just started taking it last month.

Oliver’s Mom

The product is great, my 14 year old Springer Spaniel is moving better and doing stairs like a champ. My only gripe is that once I order it seems it takes a very long time to process my order and therefore receive it.

Dobie Mom

Lolahemp is a wonderful company and I recommend them to everyone! The CBD oil has helped my boy with his mobility, he is not running any marathons but he can walk without constantly falling, and he’s not in so much pain. I recently started ordering CBD treat and my girl loves them, she has anxiety from what she has been through from the horrible monsters that used her as a breeding machine and the treats calm her! If I have any questions I just send an email to Lolahemp and they respond in a timely matter. If you are looking for a good CBD oil/product for your dogs then you need to give Lolahemp a try. I will not go anywhere else for my CBD oil.


We have been giving the Lola regular strength and extra strength oils to our two black labs (4 and 14 years old) for a little over a year. We noticed a positive difference in our dogs less than 2 weeks after starting Lola. At one point we made the mistake of allowing our product to run out and noticed a deterioration in our 14 year olds mobility within just a couple of days! We won’t let that happen again! It’s also really great how responsive the company is when you reach out with a question! Definitely recommend this product!

lolahemp reviews

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