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Cheapest Dog Insurance for Older Dogs


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You’re looking for the cheapest dog insurance for older dogs because your pup is now in his/her Golden Years. The chances of your pup suffering from age-related medical issues are high and so are the treatment costs.

If you’re like most pet owners, you want your furbaby to live as long as possible. Paying for that long life may not be possible, though.

If you’re thinking pet insurance can help you, you’re right. The best pet insurance companies offer great accident and illness coverage with no age limit. This means that pet owners can enroll their older pets easily.

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The Cost of Dog Insurance for Older Dogs

Pet parents are most concerned about the cost of pet insurance for older dogs, which is why so many ask which insurance company provides the cheapest coverage.

The truth is that it’s impossible to find a list of pet health insurance companies that identify the costs of their pet insurance policies. There are many factors that go into the price of pet health insurance.

  • Pet’s Age

While there is no age limit, the older the dog, the more money insurance will cost. Pet insurance providers are in business to make money, and if they are going to pay vet bills for medical treatments, they need to make it worth it.

The good news is that the cost of pet insurance doesn’t supersede the cost of medical treatments that senior dogs receive. So, when trying to decide if dog insurance is worth it? It is worth it.

  • Breed

The breed has a lot to do with the cost of pet insurance because some dog breeds are more susceptible to certain medical issues.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions can also affect insurance costs because if senior dogs have a history of medical issues, the chances of additional ones in the future are high.

  • Hereditary Conditions

Hereditary conditions are also a consideration because they can give insight into how much the pet insurers will have to pay in the future.


What Pet Parents Need to Know About Pet Insurance

While dog insurance is a good option for most dog owners, there are some things to know about it that take many people by surprise.

No Coverage for Exam Fees – Routine Care

Pet insurance companies do not pay for exam fees as part of routine care. Preventative care is good to provide for your pet, but it is not considered an emergency, so it is not covered.

Many dog insurance companies, such as Embrace Pet Insurance, offer wellness plans that can be added to pet insurance plans.

Accident-Related Injuries and Medical Issues Covered

Pet insurance plans cover treatment for accident-related injuries and medical issues. Diagnostic testing is considered preventative care as well. Coverage only begins once the doctor reaches a diagnosis.

Waiting Periods

Pet insurance plans don’t go into effect after a certain amount of time – usually 2 weeks. Waiting periods help prevent pet parents from enrolling in pet insurance after the pet has become injured or suffers from an illness.

Pre-Existing Conditions Not Covered

Pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance providers. The good news is that some pet insurance providers won’t consider conditions if they were resolved. For instance, if a pup is diagnosed with pre-diabetes but it was resolved with a change in diet and exercise 5 years ago, the insurance company may cover diabetes treatment if it becomes an issue again.


low cost dog insurnace


How to Get the Cheapest Dog Insurance for Older Dogs

While you will have to request a free quote to find cheap pet insurance, there are ways you can get the cheapest dog insurance for older dogs.

Multiple Pet Discounts

If you’re looking for dog insurance and cat insurance, that will lower your insurance costs. Most dog health insurance companies provide a 10% discount for each pet enrolled.

Military Discount on Pet Insurance

Do you serve our country? A military discount is possible on many pet insurance plans. Just ask when requesting a quote.

Increase Deductible

The higher the deductible, the lower the premium, which reduces your overall costs. This is especially true if your pet’s age is still on the low end of the senior years – about 10 years old.

Avoid Claims

Some pet insurance companies provide incentives like diminishing deductibles (Embrace Pet Insurance) after a year of no claims. Each year of no claims, the deductible can go down a certain amount – coupled with lower premiums because high deductibles really decrease the total cost of the insurance.

Choose Lower Annual Limits

Some pet health insurance companies allow you to choose an annual limit. The higher the annual limit, the higher the premium, but the lower the annual limit, the lower the premium. Like the deductible, it may make sense to choose a lower annual limit for senior pets just over 10 years old vs. those that are 15 years old.



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