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Cute Boy Dog Collars


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If you have a boy dog, you know how difficult it is to find cute boy dog collars. It just seems like the girls have all the cute stuff and the boys have all the macho and serious ones. Fortunately for you, Dog Ownership Guide accepted the challenge of finding the top 10 cute boy dog collars so all you have to do is decide which one or ones you want for your fur baby.

Cute Collars for Dogs

There’s no reason you shouldn’t invest in cute collars for dogs. Not only are they a necessity when it comes to keeping your dog safe, but they also serve as comfort for your dog. Have you ever noticed a difference in your dog when you take your dog’s collar off? It’s like they feel naked.

The Best Cute Boy Dog Collars

Below are the best cute boy dog collars you can buy for your dog according to Dog Ownership Guide. If you have any favorites, feel free to comment below to share your cute male dog collars.

Boy Dog Collar with Bow

What a classic idea for a collar – a bow time. With many patterns to choose from, you can get one for every outfit.

The bow tie is hand sewn and made from 100% cotton. The bow tie is a double bow tie just like a real one.

Bonus: You can use the bow tie on the cute collar it comes with or on another collar. The bow tie is attached with an elastic strap.

The image doesn’t do justice to how adorable looks on a boy dog. This cute collar will become one of your favorites.


cute boy dog collar


Bandana AND Bow Tie Collar

If you want more than a bow tie, maybe this bandana may be up your alley. The pattern is luxury inspired for all those bougie pups out there.

Bandana, bow tie, and bell are all separate in the package so you can decide what you want to use each day.

Bonus: A strap completed this package to give you all you need for a boy dog who needs a cute collar.


bow tie collar


Leather Personalized Dog Collar

Genuine leather with neoprene inside makes this personalized dog collar durable and soft for maximum comfort on your dog’s neck.

The custom dog collar with nameplate is engraved with any information you desire – name, medical information, phone number, etc.

Not only is this a high-quality dog collar, but it’s also a functional one too. What’s not to love about it?


personalized leather collar


Gold Chain Boy Dog Collar

This Hip Hop style dog collar for boys will surely turn your pup into a rough tough D.O.G.

Some people may not think it’s “cute” but we think when you see this on your Pitbull, Boxer, or another breed, you’ll absolutely think it’s amazingly cute.

The collar comes with a bone tag that can be personalized with your pup’s name or possibly a nickname.

Idea: Get one for yourself or the man in your life and take a pic of the matching gold chains. #pictureperfect



golden dog chain collar

NFL Dog Collar

NFL fans will think this is the cutest boy collar ever. If the Patriots aren’t your favorite team, no problem. There are 32 teams available to choose from and these are officially licensed by the NFL.

Get ready for game day with your pup and his favorite team’s collar.


nfl new england patriots dog collar


Fancy Plaid Dog Collar Necktie

Please be aware this is not the collar itself but the neckline attaches to an existing collar. This necktie was just too cute to not include it in our top 10 cutest boy collars for dogs.

Simply slip 1 of the 8 neckties onto a collar for an instant collar enhancement. The tie is just 4 inches long and made of a soft material that will not cause discomfort to your dog.


necktie dog collar


Spider-Man Dog Collar

Are you a Spider-Man fan? If so, you will definitely think this is a cute one. You may even think this collar will make your dog a Super-Dog!

The Spider-Man collar is very well made for durability and beauty. It is licensed by Marvel Comics so beware of imitators.


spider man dog collar


White Leather Studded Two Inch Collar

This fancy, rough and tough male collar will be so cute on a dog that wants to show people who is boss. It’s perfect for any size dog with many sizes available to choose from.

This cute collar for boy dogs is more of a fashion piece as it wouldn’t be very comfortable to sleep with and live with day in and day out. For a special occasion or a night or day on the town? Absolutely!


spiked studded leather cute boy dog collar


Leather and Nylon Polka Dot Navy Collar for Boy Dogs

For a more upscale boy collar, choose this leather plus nylon dog collar. It’s soft and lovely. It’s perfect for everyday wear it just a trip out to tackle some chores or a day at the park.

Get the optional matching leash to really complete the look.


polka dot cute boy dog collar


Designer Bow Tie and Collar for Boys

We know we already showed off the bow tie collar above, but we just had to add the below cute dog collar to our top 10.

This boy dog collar is for those of you with high standards. It’s made with the best designer fabrics. They are comfortable, durable and completely safe. The hardware is top quality.

The bow tie can be removed from the collar easily to be washed carefully with soap and water by hand.

This cute dog collar makes the perfect gift for any boy dog owner, so get one for yourself and a furry pal.


stripe cute boy dog collar



SparkPaws Cuban Link Collar for Dogs


Your dog will look absolutely adorable in this Cuban link collar for dogs. It’s made of high-quality material so it lasts and the size is small enough to remain comfortable around your pup’s neck. When looking for a stylish collar for your pup, you can’t go wrong with SparkPaw’s Cuban link collar.

cuban link collar for dogs

Share Cute Dog Collars Boy or Girl!

Do you know of any boy collars that should be part of this top 10 list? Leave a comment and share it with others looking for help in finding THE person collar for their pup.

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