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Do Dog Shirts Help with Shedding


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You’ve tried everything to stop your dog’s excessive shedding, and now you’re considering dog shirts. The only thing is you may be skeptical, which is why you’re asking: “Do dog shirts help with shedding?”

Let’s answer it!

Do Dogs Shirts Help with Shedding?

Yes! Dog shirts help with shedding. While they may not eliminate dog hair from your floors and furniture, they significantly reduce it.

dog shirts help shedding

How Do Dog Shirts Help with Shedding

Dog shirts contain your dog’s shedding inside the material. The more the dog shirt covers your dog’s body, the less of your dog’s hair will be all over your home and/or vehicle.

When you’re ready to change your dog’s shirt, you can do so easily by removing it over a sheet. Simply shake your dog’s hair off the sheet outside and wash it. You can do the same with the dog shirt.

Once the dog shirt is clean or you have a second one, put it back on your pup to limit shedding.

How to Know Dog Shirts Will Help Your Dog with Shedding

If you’re wondering whether or not your dog’s shedding can be helped by dog shirts. Check out the dogs that benefit the most from them.

Double Coated Dogs

A dog’s coat type matters when it comes to shedding and whether dog shirts will help with it. Dogs with double coats are the ones that often have the loosest fur, especially during shedding seasons. Brushing double-coat dog breeds enough to keep shedding at a minimum is nearly impossible which is why dog shirts are perfect for them.

Learn More: Why Does My Dog Shed in the Winter

Long Haired Dogs

Did you know that knots in dog hair are often caused by loose fur? The loose fur gets tangled in the dog’s fur creating knots. The knots not only lead to more loose hair but they inhibit hair growth. The dog shirt keeps your dog’s hair in place so it doesn’t cause knots and also doesn’t lead to fur all over your house and car.

Heavy Shedding Breeds

The heaviest shedders would benefit greatly from dog shirts. Some of those dog breeds include:

  • Afghan Hound
  • Airedale Terrier
  • Akita
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • American Eskimo Dog
  • Anatolian Shepherd Dog
  • Basset Hound
  • Beagle
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Tervuren

Don’t see your breed listed above. Check out all of the heavy-shedding dog breeds on the website.

Heavy Winter Coats

Even dogs with single coats may have heavy winter coat shedding. After the cold weather has passed, many dogs will shed hair like they are going to be a hairless breed. The good news is that the loose dog hair isn’t as much of a nuisance when using dog shirts.

Dog Shirts Help with Shedding

Now you know the answer to do dog shirts help with shedding, so the next thing you need to do is find a dog shirt for your pup. Fortunately, there are a few options.

Shed Defender

Shed Defender is a company that sells dog shirts, which they call dog onesies. The owner was on the popular entrepreneur show Shark Tank, and from that, the dog onesie has become one of the best-selling dog shirts in the world.

What makes Shed Defender unique is the fabric, which is breathable and flexible because it’s made from recycled plastic water bottles, polyester, and spandex. The company calls the material Shed-Tex and is a sustainable product, so pet owners can feel good about purchasing it.


shed defender


dog shirt for shedding
shedding dog shirt

Choosing the Right Size Dog Shirt for Your Pup

Now you know that dog shirts do help with shedding, so give it a try to see how they work for you and your pup. The most important thing to remember when purchasing dog shirts for your furry friend is that you get the right size.

A dog shirt that is too big won’t be effective because the hair will just fall out of it. A dog shirt that’s too small will be uncomfortable for your pup, and that may cause your dog to find a way to get out of it. The perfect size dog shirt will be comfortable and limit shed hair from getting all over your home.

Other Uses for Dog Shirts

In addition to controlling shedding, dog shirts can be used in the following ways:

  • After surgery, dog shirts or dog onesies can protect surgical sites.
  • Keep your dog’s appearance cute and attractive. Dog shirts come in cute patterns and beautiful colors.
  • Dogs who have high anxiety may find comfort in the dog shirts. Many dog owners say that dog shirts help with separation anxiety. It’s just like how babies like to be swaddled and adults like to wrap a blanket around them.
  • Allow your dog to relax on your couch without having to worry about dog hair everywhere! Read Pros and Cons of Letting Dog on Couch for more information.

Additional Ways to Reduce Dog Shedding

In addition to using dog shirts to help with shedding, dog owners can do the following to reduce shedding.

    • Regular Brushing

      A dog’s coat should be brushed regularly to remove loose hair and spread natural oils through the dog’s fur and dog’s skin.

    • Treat Skin Conditions

      Skin conditions can lead to brittle hair, which leads to hair loss. If you notice hotspots, redness, irritation, scabs, pimples, dryness, or any other abnormality on your dog’s skin, try Aquaphor or contact the vet for advice.

    • Feed a Well-Balanced Dog Food

      Nutrition is important to pet hair health. Excessive shedding or hair loss can be due to a deficiency in certain nutrients, so ensuring your dog’s diet is healthy is important. Dog Ownership Guide recommends a fresh raw dog food diet which you can learn more about here: Best Dog Food for Shedding

    • Trim Longer Hair

      Longer hair tends to break more, which increases the amount of shedding. Trim your pet’s coat so it lasts longer on your dog instead of breaking off and falling all over your home.

    • Bathe Regularly

      There’s a reason a dog sheds more after a bath. The water and rubbing of dog shampoo throughout the dog’s coat loosen up the hair. It’s better to have that hair shed during the bath than all over your home so bathe your pup regularly. Learn More: Does Bathing Your Dog Help with Shedding

    • Fish Oil Supplement for Shedding

      For dogs that don’t get enough essential fatty acids in their diet, fish oil supplements can help reduce shedding. You can learn more about fish oil for shedding by reading: Does Fish Oil Stop Dogs from Shedding

You now have the information you need to answer your question: do dog shirts help with shedding? Give one a try to see how it works for you and your furry friend.



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