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Do Maltipoos Shed?


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One of the main reasons why dog breeds like the Maltipoos are famous is that they are labeled hypoallergenic dogs. This trait leads to a lot of people automatically assuming that these dogs do not shed hair. However, this is a false fact and just like other dogs, Maltipoos also shed fur.

Do Maltipoos Shed A Lot?

The fur and coat type of dogs greatly affects how much they shed on a daily basis. These types differ according to the genetic makeup of the dog.

Maltipoos are hybrid dogs that are formed from breeding Poodles with Maltese dogs. Maltese dogs have curly or straight hair while Poodles mostly have curly hair. As a result of their mixed breed, Maltipoo dogs can have different fur types including straight, curly, and even wavy hair. Dog hair can be soft or coarse in texture. The more texture the fur has, the less it sheds. The genetics of Maltipoos increases the chances of them having a curlier coat which is why they generally do not shed a lot.

Simultaneously, Maltipoo dogs only have one coat of hair. Unlike dogs with a double coat, the Maltipoo’s coat does not shed with changes in the weather. This contributes to why they don’t shed as much as other dogs.

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Do Teacup Maltipoos Shed?

Teacup Maltipoos are variations of Maltipoo dogs and only differ in the context of their size. While there is no particular set size of Maltipoo dogs, those that weigh around 5 to 10 pounds once they are fully grown are referred to as Teacup Maltipoos.

Everything apart from their small size is the same as other Maltipoo dogs and so they also do shed fur. The texture of their hair determines how much they shed but since they are smaller in size, they may shed less than the larger dogs. With regular brushing and trimming the low rate of shedding can be maintained.

When Do Maltipoo Puppies Shed Their Coat?

Maltipoo puppies begin to shed their coat when their puppy coat starts getting replaced by an adult coat. The most common age for shedding their puppy coat is around 10 months but some Maltipoo puppies start shedding before reaching this point.

The changes in the rate of shedding are not too extreme which is why many pet parents do not even notice when this transition starts taking place. However, there might be a significant change in the texture of the hair which may make the transition more identifiable.

How Do I Stop My Maltipoo from Shedding?

The following steps can be taken to stop your Maltipoo from shedding:

Regular Grooming

Due to their size and hair texture, Maltipoo owners often don’t find the need to maintain their Maltipoos on a regular basis. It must be noted that just like other dogs, Maltipoos require regular grooming to remain healthy and to reduce the shedding of their hair. This not only includes cleaning and brushing but also includes their dental health and maintaining their internal well-being. Owners must actively groom their dogs to keep their hair healthy. Failure to do so can increase shedding and can also be detrimental to their overall health.

Use the Right Brush

Brushing your dog is extremely important to maintain its health as well as its general appearance. The technique and tools used for brushing vary from dog to dog and should be selected according to the dog’s hair.

Knowing your dog’s correct hair type is very important. Maltipoos, due to their hybrid nature, can have curly hair, straight hair, and even wavy hair. For Maltipoos with textured hair, curly or wavy, a standard brush is suitable and can be used for regular brushing. However, for Maltipoos with silky or straight hair, a bristle brush and a double-sided pin brush should be used. This helps detangle the hair of these dogs and also helps in removing dirt from them.

Brushing your dog’s hair not only keeps it neat and reduces shedding but also distributes the natural oils evenly throughout the hair making it healthier. This should be done about 2 to 3 times a week. Not more than that. Brushing is healthy for your pet but its excess can irritate your Maltipoo’s skin and may even increase the rate of shedding.

Bathe Monthly

Bathing is an essential part of dog grooming but it should not be done more than required. Giving your dog a bath once every month is enough especially for dogs like Maltipoos that usually stay away from excessive dirt. Overbathing can irritate the dog’s skin, drying it out and even causing other skin problems.

In order to reduce excessive shedding during the wash, the dog must be washed gently and proper products should be used that aren’t too harsh for its skin. Keeping these small dogs clean also makes them more comfortable and so they don’t scratch or fiddle with their coat as much. This also reduces shedding.

Use Dog Shampoo for Shedding

Dog grooming usually does not involve the use of many products but one product that can’t be removed from the list is shampoo. The majority of dog owners and groomers use shampoo to clean dogs. These shampoos can also help in reducing the shedding of the dog’s coat.

There is a list of shampoos created by companies that claim that their product reduces shedding. This, however, can be true because these shampoos usually contain ingredients like fatty acids, vitamin E, plant extracts, and even oats.  Such ingredients provide nutrients and healthy oils to the hair.  They reduce dandruff and keep the hair neat and so the dog’s coat remains clean and tangles less. The overall shedding is reduced and the dog remains happy and less irritated.

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Healthy Fresh Dog Food

Maintaining the dog’s internal health is as important as maintaining its external health. A dog’s internal health dramatically affects the health of the dog’s coat and reduces excessive shedding.

To maintain the health of your Maltipoo it is important to feed it a rich, healthy diet preferably one made from fresh food. Many companies are making efforts to create healthy dog food but giving your dog fresh food eliminates the dangers of preservatives that are present in processed products. The meal can be meat-rich and can include fresh fruits and vegetables which strengthen the coat but also benefit your dog’s health.

Contrary to a poor diet, a healthy diet provides an adequate amount of nutrients and vitamins which strengthens the hair follicles and prevents damage. The damage caused by a poor diet is one that is more difficult to reverse and so it is imperative that your dog is provided with a healthy diet.

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Fish Oil Supplement for Shedding

For dogs that don’t get enough essential fatty acids in their diet, fish oil supplements can help reduce shedding. You can learn more about fish oil for shedding by reading: Does Fish Oil Stop Dogs from Shedding

Use Dog Shirts for Shedding

To prevent your dog’s shedding hair from getting all over your home and car, consider dog shirts. They cover your dog’s body, which keeps the loose hair inside of it for when you’re ready to dispose of it. Learn more about it here: Do Dog Shirts Help with Shedding

When to Worry About Maltipoo Shedding

While shedding hair is normal for Maltipoos, there may be certain irregularities that require more attention.

Shedding for a 10 to 16-month-old Maltipoo is normal but if the dog is too young (3-4 months) or too old (2-3 years), there may be a greater issue hidden underneath. If such a situation occurs, the dog should be inspected for medical issues that may be causing the hair to fall out. There are conditions that can affect the hair follicles or a larger part of the skin causing the hair to fall out.

If the coat is thin, the Maltipoo owners can inspect the skin themself at home to check for any irregularities such as rashes, discoloration, or sores. Bald patches may also appear. In situations like this, dogs are often seen aggressively licking or biting parts of their body. These actions are also indicators of such issues. If shedding intensifies even more or the irregularities can not be identified by the dog owners, the pet should be taken to a veterinarian for proper inspection.

Summary: Do Maltipoos Shed?

Yes, Maltipoos do shed. This is a trait common in all dogs. As Maltipoos are mixed breed dogs and are smaller in size, people believe that they do not shed hair but this is not true. Like other dogs, Maltipoos shed fur but not as much since they have a single coat of fur. This is why they come under the category of hypoallergenic dogs. Alongside this, a large chunk of dogs from the Maltipoo breed has textured hair. These factors together reduce their general rate of shedding making them a good choice for allergy sufferers. Grooming the dog properly and maintaining its health can further decrease the overall shedding of hair.  But in any case, if any skin problem or unusual hair loss pattern is recognized, your Maltipoo should be inspected at home or taken to a veterinarian.

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