Do Veterinarians Offer Dog Health Insurance?

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You’re interested in pet insurance, so you’re asking, “Do veterinarians offer dog health insurance?” The answer is:

No, veterinarians do not offer dog health insurance. Pet health insurance is offered by insurance companies independent of veterinarians.


Why Veterinarians Do Not Offer Pet Insurance

It’s a conflict of interest. As you can imagine, veterinarians are charging for a service. If they were to sell pet health insurance, they would simply recycle the money they receive for their pet insurance plans.

It’s just like healthcare for humans. Doctors’ offices do not offer health insurance. We have to go to a health insurance company for a policy to help cover the costs of medical care.

Pet owners must go to a pet insurance company for a policy to help cover the costs of veterinarian care.


veterinarian offering pet health insurance


What to Know When Obtaining a Pet Insurance Plan

Pet insurance only covers veterinarian expenses for injuries from an accident and illness (not including pre-existing conditions) before enrolling in a policy. It is possible to choose accident-only coverage, but that would leave you without coverage for any illnesses that should arise. It is not recommended. While the risk of becoming ill increases for older pets, it can happen at any time. The cost of treating illnesses can be just as devastating as injuries due to an accident.


Preventative / Routine Care Coverage

Since pet insurance companies only provide injury cover and illness coverage, routine care is not covered. The good news is that many pet insurance companies offer wellness plans that can be added to a policy. Wellness plans vary in how they work but they usually either provide a discount on preventative care or routine care services or set up a program to save money to use towards those services.

You can learn more about wellness plans by reading:

Embrace Pet Insurance


Waiting Periods

Pet parents should also know that there is a waiting period when enrolling in a policy before it is active. This keeps people from signing up for a policy just because their pets become ill or injured.

The cost of pet insurance plans is small in comparison to the cost of treating an illness or injury. Do not wait until something happens to your pup to turn to insurance to cover the vet bills. Get health insurance for your dog as soon as possible, especially if you have pet’s age is advanced.

pet health insurance from veterinarians

Factors Influencing Cost

Pet insurance providers base dog insurance costs on the following factors:

  • Pet’s Age
  • Pet’s Breed
  • Multiple Pets (Discount)
  • Deductible

Older pets often have higher costs but that can be reduced with a higher deductible and multiple pets. Pet breeds that are susceptible to hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia often cost more than those that do not. Again, the costs can be lowered with discounts (some pet insurance providers offer military and healthcare discounts) like PetFirst Healthcare.

Learn more about how to get the cheapest dog insurance for older dogs.


How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance Company

Dog Ownership Guide wants to help you choose the best pet insurance, which is why we have this guide on how to choose dog insurance.

You can compare and contrast pet insurance policies, although most are about the same in price and coverage. One of the deciding factors that pet owners believe is important is wellness plan options. Many pet health insurance companies offer wellness plans to add to a policy. These plans discount routine care or preventative care or have a program in which pet owners can put money aside to pay for those services.


How to Get Dog Health Insurance

It’s easy to get pet health insurance online. Simply answer some questions on the pet insurance company’s website and in just a few minutes, you’ll receive the cost of a pet insurance policy with the details. Once you have an active policy, you’ll be all set to use it when there’s an injury or medical issue. Learn how dog insurance works.

You have some decisions to make when receiving a potential policy, such as whether or not you want comprehensive coverage or accident-only coverage. You should also decide if you want the highest deductible with the lowest monthly premium or a higher monthly premium for a lower deductible.

So, while veterinarians don’t offer dog health insurance, there are many dog insurance companies that do. Click below to request a free quote from one of the best pet insurance companies in the United States.

Embrace Pet Insurance

PetFirst Healthcare

Petplan Insurance in the USA

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