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Does CBD Help Dogs with Barking


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Are you tired of your dog barking all the time? You’re not the only dog owner that feels that way. Most dogs bark more than their owners would prefer, so that’s why they try to find some way to stop all of the barking. Fortunately, there is a way, and if you’re asking: Does CBD help dogs with barking? That is one way.

Does CBD Help Dogs with Barking?

Yes, CBD does help dogs with barking. If you’ve been wondering if you should try it, you might as well give it a try. Many pet owners have reported that it has helped with excessive barking.

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Why CBD Helps Dogs with Barking

CBD oil is an effective supplement for dogs that bark. It works by calming anxious dogs, and anxiety (particularly separation anxiety) is one of the many reasons they bark.

Humans and canines have an endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for supporting some of the major organs and systems of the body, such as the:

  • Brain
  • Heart
  • Immune System
  • Nervous System

The endocannabinoid system has cannabinoid receptors that need cannabinoids to give the endocannabinoid system what it needs to function optimally. Without sufficient cannabinoids, the body can start to suffer, including catching viruses more easily, feeling more anxious, etc.

The good news is that the cannabis plant and hemp plant have given us CBD, which works just like the naturally produced cannabinoids in the body. By supplementing with CBD oil or other CBD products, your furry friend will benefit from better health, which includes less anxiety and that can mean less barking.

When to Give CBD to Dogs for Barking

Dogs often bark because something is wrong. It’s how they communicate. When they have sufficient CBD in their body, they don’t react to things as much as they would without it. In other words, their defense isn’t as high.

Many dog owners that want to give their furry friend CBD for barking use CBD oil regularly. That way, their dog has it in their system for any time when they are feeling anxious or particularly barky.

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CBD usually takes effect in about an hour and peaks between 4 and 8 hours. A CBD dosage usually lasts 24 hours before being completely out of the dog’s system.

How to Know How Much CBD to Give Your Dog for Barking

CBD dosage depends on the size of your dog. The average is 2 mg for 10 pounds of weight. Some dogs will need more while others may need less, so when you start giving your dog CBD, start with the lowest dose possible and increase from there to find the lowest most effective dose.

The reason you want to give your pup the lowest most effective dog is that excess pet CBD oil will simply be excreted from the body through urine or poop. That’s a waste of money for you because the more CBD you give your dog doesn’t mean it’s going to be more effective.

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Different Forms of Pet CBD Oil for Dog Barking

When shopping for CBD for your barking dog, consider the following forms of CBD dog products.

Dog CBD Oil

CBD oil is an oil that can be used topically or given orally. Many dog owners believe it’s the easiest type of CBD to give their furry friend because they just drop the dosage in the mouth or in food.

Other pet owners don’t like it because they have a hard time getting their pup to take it. For them, they prefer CBD dog treats.

CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats have CBD oil inside of them. They can be much easier to administer since they are made in different flavors like lamb, beef, and chicken. etc.

CBD Chews

CBD chews are a lot like dog treats but they are bigger and some dogs prefer them over treats.

While there are many other types of CBD products, the ones above are the best CBD oil products to reduce barking in dogs.

Different CBD Options for Dogs

An important thing to know is that CBD oil can be full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Understanding what each one is will help you decide which is the best CBD for oil for your pup.

Full-Spectrum CBD – This one includes all parts of the cannabis plant or hemp plant, which means it contains THC. The amount of THC in full-spectrum CBD isn’t a lot – less than 0.3%, so it has no effect on dogs. Even though many pet owners decide not to give their pups full-spectrum CBD, instead, they choose broad-spectrum CBD or isolate CBD.

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Broad Spectrum – Broad Spectrum CBD contains everything that full-spectrum CBD does without THC. That means it has terpenes and other cannabinoids. The reason some dog owners don’t give their dogs a broad spectrum is that they don’t want anything but dog CBD in their CBD oil or hemp oil.

Isolate CBD – Isolate CBD is pure CBD with nothing else in it. Many experts say this isn’t the best CBD because it doesn’t have any of the other beneficial qualities that full-spectrum and broad-spectrum have, but of course, others say the best CBD products are made with just CBD.

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Tips for Decreasing Dog Barking

In addition to CBD, you can do the following to reduce how much your dog barks.

Limit Loud Noises

If loud noises tend to give your dog anxiety, try to limit them as much as possible. This may mean letting your dog relax in a room away from where the noises are happening. Closing the door may stifle the noise enough to not bother your pup.

You can also play relaxing music to drown out the sound of loud noises.

Some noises just can’t be hidden, like fireworks and thunderstorms, so give your pup a dose of CBD and then plan to spend some cuddling time with your canine companion until the end.

Avoid Long Periods in the Crate

Some dogs bark after being in the crate for long periods. If you have to be away from the house for a long time each day, consider hiring a dog walker or dog sitter to take your dog out for a bathroom break and fun. This can help reduce boredom and anxious barking.

Contact the Vet

It’s a good thing to make sure your dog isn’t in any pain (like joint pain) before thinking it’s just bad behavior. Since dogs use barking to communicate, an increase in it can be a sign something is going on with your dog’s health.

If you check with the vet and your dog is in good health, you’ll be happy to know that CBD can help with overall health and well-being. It can also help with chronic pain that is often seen in older dogs with joint pain.

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Consult a Dog Trainer

If you’re dealing with dog aggression along with your dog’s barking, you may want to contact a dog trainer. Dog trainers can help with dog aggression effectively, so not only will get some relief from your dog’s barking, but you’ll also not be so afraid of how dog aggression can play out for you, other family members, and other people.

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Dog owners not dealing with dog aggression may want to also consider soliciting the help of dog trainers just for the barking itself. There are ways to train your dog to not bark so much, and if you’re not able to do it due to time constraints or not having the patience, dog trainers can help you achieve your goal despite those challenges.

Happy Dog – Happy Owner

There’s a reason the motto of Dog Ownership Guide is Happy Dog – Happy Owner. The most common reasons dog bark are negative. They bark because of dog anxiety, dog aggression, fear, pain, etc.

The happier your dog is the less your dog will bark and the happier you will be, so the goal is to make your dog happier. Get your dog’s health checked out by a veterinarian and ask about your dog’s anxiety while you’re there.

It’s always a good thing to ask your vet about any new supplements you give your dog, so don’t forget to mention you’re thinking of giving your pup CBD.

When you decide to try CBD for your dog, be sure to only purchase the highest quality CBD products. Below you will find what Dog Ownership Guide recommends as the best CBD products for dogs.


HolistaPet’s CBD dog treats and oil are exactly what dog owners want in terms of high-quality cannabinoids. Their organic dog treats are delicious and healthy, made with all-natural ingredients and superfoods.

King Kanine

When searching for the best CBD oil for your dogs, be sure to choose a high-quality formula like King Kanine. Their CBD oil is made from natural ingredients sourced from the United States, and their proprietary blend of krill oil, hemp oil, and copaiba oil makes it even more effective.

Diamond CBD

The primary mission of Diamond CBD is to investigate and develop new CBD hemp extracts so that they are available to people all over the world. By providing a broad range of CBD dog products, more people and their furry companions can easily reap the benefits that CBD has to offer and live happy, healthy lives.


Lolahemp’s CBD brand was inspired by a cute pup named Lola who suffered from anxiety until her owner tried CBD instead of prescription medication. The effects were amazing, but the CBD options were frightening. Lolahemp’s mission is to provide top-quality hemp oil products containing naturally occurring CBD to as many furbabies as possible.

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