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When COVID hit, many people began working from home with their furry friends. Once COVID was under control, many people returned to work. Many of those people brought their lovable pups to work with them. The problem? Many dog owners are now wondering why their dog doesn’t like sitting at desk.

Even if your situation isn’t one where your dog is joining you at the office, you’ve probably wondered why he/she doesn’t like sitting at your desk. This article will explain your dog’s behavior, so you can let the desire go or make changes, so your dog does like it.

dog sitting at desk

Common Reasons a Dog Doesn’t Like Sitting at a Desk

Dogs are individuals just like humans. One dog may not like sitting at your desk for one reason, and another may have another cause. The following reasons why a doesn’t like sitting at a desk will help you identify why your dog doesn’t like it.

Not a Lap Dog

There are lap dogs, and there are non-lap dogs. You already know if your pup is a lap dog and if he/she isn’t, that’s like one reason your dog doesn’t like sitting at desk.

Too Much Time

Dogs don’t like to do one thing for too long (unless it’s sleeping). Just like you need to get up from your desk once and a while, your dog doesn’t want to be tied to it either. The difference is that your dog doesn’t feel required to stay at your desk, while you know you are required.

Separation Anxiety

If you’re not able to take your dog with you to let’s say the bathroom, your dog likely won’t want to sit at the desk waiting for you. That can be a sign of separation anxiety.


One of the most basic commands is the sit command. If your dog doesn’t know this basic command, that’s the main reason why your dog doesn’t like sitting at desk.

Joint Problems

Dogs with joint issues won’t want to sit or lie down at a desk because it hurts them. The sitting position is hard on the joints, so even if you command your dog to get into a sitting position, your dog may not want or be able to do it.

Old Age

Going along with joint issues, older dogs don’t like sitting at a desk because it’s not comfortable for them, especially if they have hip dysplasia. They have aches and pains just like older adults do, so they have a hard time being in one position for a long time.

Behavior Problems

Some dogs won’t sit at a desk even if they know the sit command. They would rather ignore the basic command and do whatever they want to do, which includes getting into trouble. This is common for hyper dogs as owners of hyperactive dogs know.

Behavior problems are not impossible to solve. Dog training can help with it, but more on the solutions to why a dog doesn’t like sitting at desk below.


Office dogs often become distracted because let’s face it – there are a lot of friends to meet. This is especially true if there is a new dog in the office. A dog that doesn’t like sitting at a desk at all is likely the equivalent of a social human.


Dogs suffer from anxiety over many things, including being in new places, not having their food available, meeting other adult dogs, puppies, etc. Anxiety can often lead to behavioral issues because they feel threatened.

Anxious dogs often want to walk around constantly – restless. Robert Haussman certified dog trainer and co-founder of DogboyNYC recommended to The Wildest, “Not all dog body language is obvious. Brush up on common signs of anxiety, fear, and aggression.


Some dogs may not suffer from anxiety, but they do want something to do. Mental stimulation is important for dogs to have, especially if they are prone to get bored.

This is a great dog product for mental stimulation:

mental stimulation for dog

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What to Do If Your Dog Doesn’t Like Sitting at Desk

If your dog doesn’t like sitting at desk, you can help your pup like it more. The following are solutions to the problem.

Dog Training

Teaching your dog basic commands like the sit command can help. Eventually, all you have to do is give the verbal cue to sit and your dog will sit at your desk (whether he likes it or not).

Dog Trainer

If you’re not able or would rather have a dog trainer, it’s a good idea, especially if you have a puppy or new dog. Dog trainers already know what to do when owners desire their dogs to do something or stop a behavioral issue.

Check with the Vet

If you’ve noticed your dog’s nose is dry, there may be a sickness preventing your dog from sitting at your desk. While a dog’s nose being dry isn’t always a sign of sickness, you should at least make sure.

Speak to a vet for dollars now. 

Have a Food Bowl Nearby

Calm the anxiety of not having food available by placing your dog’s food bowl near your desk. Some dogs simply can’t handle not knowing where they can get a snack, so this can help greatly.

You may want to consider dog food bowls for fast eaters. It slows dogs down and provides mental stimulation.

Reward Positive Behavior with Treats

Treats are a great way to train a dog that doesn’t like sitting at a desk. Whenever your dog sits quietly at your desk after giving a verbal cue, praise him/her and provide a treat. After some time, your dog will associate responding to the verbal cue as an opportunity to get a yummy treat. This can make your dog LOVE sitting at your desk.

Try CBD for Joint Problems

Older dogs, especially large dogs, often have joint problems. The sitting position is just not comfortable and for some large dogs, it can be painful. CBD for dogs can relieve pain and increase mobility.

CBD Joint Supplements for Dogs

Bring the Dog Bed

Don’t forget the dog bed for comfort. Your dog wants to lounge while you work (unfair, I know), but if you want your dog to like being at your desk. A dog bed is a way to do it. This is a great one:

dog bed football has all sports, plus other dog bed styles such as traditional and fur beds.

Bring Favorite Toys

Dogs who become bored during the work day will appreciate having their favorite toys with them to play with and cuddle with in their dog bed.

Provide Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is highly important for many dogs. Puzzle toys can help with this, so purchase a couple of them. When your dog seems to have met the challenges of them, buy some that are a bit more challenging. While you work, your dog can be working as well.

Make Physical Contact

Does your dog rub against you? The reason is your dog wants to be petted, scratched, and hugged throughout the day. That’s the benefit of having your four-legged friend around all day. Don’t forget this physical contact, as it can greatly help your dog stay near your desk.

Read More: What Does It Mean When a Dog Rubs Against You?

dog lying next to desk

Stick to a Daily Routine

Dogs grow accustomed to a schedule. Try to set up a schedule of taking a walk, potty breaks, food treats, and playtime, so your dog can expect those things throughout the day.

Pet Parents Working from Home

Office dogs don’t like sitting at a desk for different reasons than work-at-home dogs. The work day looks different to pet parents working from home because dogs have a hard time understanding why you’re always at your desk and not playing a fun game with them.

The following are ways to help your dog that doesn’t like sitting at your desk at home.

Try Working in the Living Room

One of the perks of working from home is that you can work anywhere in the home, and that includes the living room. You can sit on your couch comfortably, while your dog lies next to you. Your dog will really love that!

Break Time at the Dog Park

Just because you work from home, it doesn’t mean you don’t take breaks. When it’s time for a break, go to the dog park with your pup. That will break up the monotony of sitting at your desk all day.

Positive Reinforcement with Food Treats

Have food treats available when your pup exhibits good behavior while you’re in a meeting. Positive reinforcement for good behavior goes a long way.

Work at the Kitchen Table

Some dogs want to hide under a table/desk, but if your dog can’t, that could be a possible reason your dog doesn’t like sitting at desk. Try sitting at the kitchen table to see if that works better for you both.

Summary: Dog Doesn’t Like Sitting at Desk

Your dog doesn’t like sitting at desk for a reason. You just need to figure out what that reason is, so you can either eliminate the reason or alleviate it enough that your dog don’t doesn’t mind sitting at your desk. Some reasons a dog doesn’t like sitting at a desk are boredom, anxiety, joint issues, and behavioral problems. Dog training can be highly effective and if you don’t want to do it, a dog trainer is a great investment.

Remember – happy dogs ~ happy owners. If you can make your dog happy sitting at your desk, you will be happy as well.

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