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Are you wondering how much dog insurance costs? Good news! Dog Ownership Guide has done the work for you to help uncover the monthly premium costs of pet insurance.

Dog insurance can cost anywhere from $6 to $155 a month. Pet insurance companies base the cost on:

  • Breed
  • Age
  • Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Location

The monthly premium cost of pet health insurance also depends on how much coverage you select. You can select from illness and accident coverage, comprehensive coverage, and pet wellness coverage. The more the policy includes the more pet insurance costs.

The Cheapest Dog Insurance

The cheapest dog insurance is $8.79. However, it does not cover nearly as much as a dog needs no matter the age. This could lead to a devastating reality if something happens (injury or illness).

How Much Is Pet Insurance on Average?

In this pet health insurance comparison, you can see how different pet insurance plans can cost.

Healthy Paws – $39.10

Trupanion – $63.61

Pets Best – $18.80

Embrace Pet Insurance – $24.16

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance – $32.21

PetFirst Pet Insurance – $23.19

Figo – $22.15

Nationwide – $60.52

* Rates are averages only and can change at any time.

The 2020 North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) reported that the average yearly premium for accident and illness coverage was $585.40 or $48.78 per month.

Many dog owners considering dog insurance ask if anybody recommends dog insurance. The answer is yes and many more are every year. The NAPHIA also reported a significant growth in pet owners choosing dog insurance plans at a rate of 15.6%.

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Different Types of Pet Insurance Policies

Basic pet insurance plans offer coverage for treatment costs associated with injuries and illnesses. In addition to the basic offerings by most pet insurance providers, there are additions to pet insurance policies that can be made for more protection. This includes comprehensive coverage, which can include reimbursement for diagnostic testing, x-rays, prescription drugs, and more.

In addition to the basic and comprehensive coverage, many pet insurance companies offer wellness plans for routine care. These wellness plans offer discounts or budget programs to make routine care costs more affordable.

How Pet Age Influences the Cost of Dog Insurance

Pet age is a big factor in the cost of dog insurance with older pets costing significantly more than younger ones. How dog insurance works are similar to human health insurance. Older people’s health insurance costs more due to the high risk of illnesses and injuries.

Dog insurance costs can be greatly reduced with discounts for multiple pets or being a military member. TIP: When solidifying a policy with an insurance company, be sure to ask about discounts to ensure you’re receiving the lowest pet insurance premiums possible.

The Impact of Pre-Existing Conditions on Pet Insurance Costs

Pet insurance providers do not cover pre-existing conditions (including chronic conditions). This means if your dog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, treatment for it won’t be covered if you get insurance.

The only time treatment for pre-existing conditions is covered is when the condition was curable. This means a diagnosed medical condition was completely resolved. If that condition resurfaces, pet insurance will cover it.

Read more about pre-existing conditions here: Dog Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Dog Insurance Military Discount

Military families who have dog insurance can receive additional discounts on their policies. Many pet insurance companies offer discounts for members of the military, veterans, and their families. Depending on the company, discounts can range from 5-15% off the cost of the policy. These discounts can make a big difference in the cost of pet insurance, especially for larger families with multiple pets. To take advantage of military discounts, the pet owner should contact the insurance company and provide proof of their military service.

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Senior Dog Insurance Cost

The cost of senior dog insurance will vary depending on the breed, age, and health of the dog, as well as the coverage and deductible selected. Generally, insurance for senior dogs costs more than for younger ones, since the risk of health issues increases with age. The cost of coverage will also depend on the type of policy chosen. For example, some insurance companies offer wellness plans that cover routine vet visits, vaccinations, and other preventative care, while other policies may focus solely on covering major medical expenses. In addition, some policies may have higher deductibles, meaning the insured will be responsible for more of the cost of care. Ultimately, the cost of senior dog insurance will vary depending on the individual needs of the dog and family, as well as the provider selected.

Dog Breed and Pet Health Insurance

Some dog breeds are at risk of suffering from more hereditary conditions than others. It’s why many pet insurance providers consider it when pricing their pet insurance plans.

Hereditary conditions include:

  • Hip Dysplasia (Read Dog Insurance That Covers Hip Dysplasia)
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Cancer
  • Allergies

Breeds with a high risk of suffering from hereditary conditions include:

  • German Shepherds
  • Sar Pei
  • Golden Retriever
  • Boxer
  • Dachshund
  • Bernese Moutain Dog
  • Pug
  • Labrador Retriever

The best pet insurance tip we can give you is to lock in an insurance policy as early as possible in a dog’s life. It will help with the costs of any vet bills due to hereditary conditions.

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How Where You Live Influences Pet Insurance Costs

A dog that roams freely on a farm in Kentucky vs. one that is constantly leashed in New York City has different levels of risk. The risk of emergency care due to accidents increases pet insurance premiums.

Pet owners should always consider how likely it is their dog will suffer from an illness or accident when thinking about the cost of dog insurance. The higher the likelihood of medical care, the higher the cost of pet insurance premiums.

How to Decrease the Cost of Dog Insurance

Pet parents can decrease the cost of dog insurance in many ways:

  • Select a higher deductible.
  • Take advantage of multiple pet discounts, military discounts, or animal assistance discounts.
  • Insure all pets in the household because cat insurance is important as well. Cat insurance is also much less expensive than dog insurance.
  • Keep your dog(s) healthy with regular veterinary care. As a pet ages, a healthy one is less likely to suffer from age-related illnesses. Pet insurers pay attention to previous veterinary care and consider this in the cost of a dog insurance policy.

How to Choose the Best Pet Insurance

The best pet insurance will vary depending on the type of pet you have, the age of your pet, and the kind of coverage you are looking for. You should always look for a pet insurance policy that covers all of the common health issues your pet might face, such as emergency vet visits, vaccinations, medical tests, surgeries, and medications. Consider the cost of the policy, the coverage limits, and the deductible. Also, make sure the policy is offered by a reputable company with good customer service. Finally, read the fine print of each policy to make sure it covers what you need and does not have any hidden restrictions or exclusions. Taking the time to do your research and compare different pet insurance policies will help you find the best policy for your pet.

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