Dog Insurance for Multiple Dogs

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Most pet insurance providers offer dog insurance for multiple dogs at a reduced rate. Actually, it’s not just multiple dogs, but really – multiple pets, which means cats are included.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance is one of the best pet insurance companies available right now due to its flexible policies and affordable plans. The pet health insurance provider accepts all breeds and ages, including older pets.

Pet owners should be aware that pet health insurance rates are dependent on many factors with age being one. A pet insurance policy for older pets is often more expensive than one for younger ones since the risk of medical need is much higher as pets age.

dog insurance for dogs

What Pet Insurance Companies Offer

Pet insurance companies offer accident and illness coverage (pre-existing conditions) excluded. Routine care is not covered even if it is to prevent illness. Illness coverage applies to the treatment costs of an illness, not prevention or diagnosis of it.

Routine care options are available to pet parents who have a pet insurance policy with an insurance provider that offers it. For instance, Embrace Pet Insurance offers Wellness Rewards that help pet parents save on vet bills and exam fees.

Learn more about the Wellness Rewards option by reading Embrace Pet Insurance Policy.

How Dog Insurance for Multiple Dogs Works

Health insurance for dogs reimburses pet parents after they submit a claim. A vet bill with the exam fees and treatment costs must be submitted along with detailed information on what was performed and for what reason. If the veterinary care was due to an accident or an illness that wasn’t pre-existing, the dog owner receives a check for the cost.

How You Save with Multiple Pets

Most pet insurance plans offer a multi-pet discount of at least 10% off the monthly premium. The annual deductible works just like it does for human health insurance – the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly premium. Many dog owners start with a higher annual deductible to save on the monthly premium and then lower the deductible when their pups reach the Golden Years since the chances of submitting more claims are higher.

Another way to save money in addition to dog insurance for multiple dogs is by selecting an accident-only plan for younger pups. Since the risk of illness is lower in the early years of a dog’s life, having an accident-only plan makes sense.

The more pets someone has, the better of a deal the pet owner receives. Pet insurance plans often provide more of a multiple pet discount as the number of pets increases. This means if a pet owner has cats and dogs, it’s wise to add cat insurance to the policy with the dogs’ insurance plans.

As mentioned above, wellness plans are available from many dog insurance providers, but only for those who hold a policy. These wellness plans are much more advantageous with each additional pet receiving illness and/or accident coverage.

pet insurance for multiple pets

Factors Influencing the Cost of Dog Insurance

The best time for pet owners to obtain a dog insurance policy is early in a pup’s life. It’s much less expensive at that time because insurance providers consider how likely there will be a claim based on the pet’s age when calculating the cost of coverage.

In addition to the pet’s age, hereditary conditions are considered. Dog breeds that are most susceptible to medical conditions, such as hip dysplasia will often cost more to insurance than a breed that isn’t prone to it. With so many hereditary conditions possible for different breeds, it’s very difficult to calculate coverage independently. That’s why pet insurance providers offer free quotes.

Request Free Pet Insurance Quotes

Obtaining veterinarian care coverage for your pets shouldn’t be difficult. Dog Ownership Guide has made it easier for people to collect dog insurance quotes easily and quickly. Simply click on one of the pet insurance companies below to get started.

Need help? Feel free to reach out to D.O.G. by sending us a message by clicking here.

We would be more than happy to guide you through the process.

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