Is PetPlan Insurance Any Good?

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Is PetPlan Insurance Any Good?

Petplan Insurance is a healthcare insurance company based in the United States for dogs and cats. Its comprehensive pet insurance policies reimburse for vet bills and other medical-related expenses:

  • Accidents
  • Injuries
  • Illnesses

Policies include dental disease and online veterinary care, which isn’t something all pet insurance companies include.

Plans vary depending on the needs of the pet owner. This can make it easy for their customers to find plans that meet their budget due to their flexible annual deductible, reimbursement levels and either limited or unlimited coverage limits.

Online quotes are available 24/7 to help customers determine which pet insurance company is best for them.

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is petplan insurance any good

Petplan Insurance for Dogs

Petplan insurance provides peace of mind to pet owners in case of injuries or illness. When asking if Petplan insurance is any good, it’s safe to say that it’s one of the most generous insurance companies available.

The reimbursement Petplan policy, short waiting period, and exceptional customer service makes signing up for the insurance quick and easy. The same goes for claims, as that can be a concern for many since that’s the last thing anyone wants to deal with at a time when a loved one is recovering from being sick or hurt.

What PetPlan Offers

Petplan covers many health services for dogs:

  • Diagnostic Treatments
  • Imaging (MRI, CT scan, Ultrasound)
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Nonroutine Dental Treatments
  • Surgery and Rehabilitation
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Exam Fees
  • Prescriptions

This pet insurance provider, like most, will NOT cover:

  • Preexisting Conditions
  • Elective Procedures
  • Routine Care
  • Cremation
  • Spraying or Neutering
  • Dental Cleanings

Another reason Petplan insurance is good is that it has no networks or preferred providers. Dog owners can use any pet health provider they choose.

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Are the PetPlan Insurance Policies Good?

Yes, the consensus is that Petpan insurance is good when it comes to the type of policies offered. They have three tiers of plans:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

The plans can be customized by setting the maximum annual payouts (choose from $2,500 to unlimited), annual deductibles ($250 to $1,000) and the reimbursement percentages (70% to 90%).

Most Petplan insurance carriers enjoy having the option to select plans that include what some other dog insurance providers do not, such as coverage for boarding fees and travel expenses coverage in case a dog gets sick or injured.

Frequently Asked Questions About PetPlan Insurance

The following are some of the most asked questions by dog owners seeking coverage from this pet insurance provider.

What is the claims process?

After the vet visit, Petplan policy holders submit an insurance claim using the following methods:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Mail

The claim form must be completed and signed along with a paid itemized receipt. A medical records release form must also be included.

Do any of the policies include dental cleanings?

Dental cleanings are not included since they are considered preventive or routine care.

Dental injuries or disease ARE covered, however.

Are medications covered?

Prescription medications prescribed by a veterinarian are covered as long as they are for an injury, illness, accident or a behavioral disorder. Medications for pre existing conditions are not covered.

Policy holders can received 90 day supplies of medications at one time.

Does Petplan cover neutering?

No, Petplan pet insurance does not cover neutering.

Do pet ages matter?

No, Petplan pet insurance does not cover neutering.

Does Petplan offer a wellness plan?

No, this pet insurance provider does not offer coverage for routine medical or dental care.

Is Pet Plan insurance any good?

 Petplan pet insurance offers plans at an affordable price that cover puppies to older pets. Although there are some limitations, such as dental cleanings, the pet insurance company does cover pre existing conditions, which is a benefit over other pet insurance providers. This pet insurance provider also allows dog owners to use the vet they desire instead of limiting the options with in-network providers. This pet insurer is perfect for dog owners looking for low-cost insurance for older pets with pre existing conditions that already have a veterinarian they love.

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The Cost of a Pet Insurance Plan from Petplan

Dog owners can expect to pay $34 to $54 for monthly premiums for healthy dogs. However, the monthly cost depends on:

  • Pet’s Breed (The insurance company considers hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia.)
  • Health
  • Deductible
  • Reimbursement Percentage
  • Annual Limit

Lower deductibles cost more than higher ones. Breeds with a history of chronic conditions or hereditary conditions increase the monthly premium and dogs with a history of health issues requiring regular veterinary care will also cost more to insure.

Reimbursement levels range from 70% to 90%. Annual limit ranges from $2,500 to unlimited. Amounts on the lower end on both will lead to lower monthly premiums.

Petplan offers discounts on:

  • Medical Services Animals
  • Multiple Pets Policies
  • Microchipped Pets

Pet Plan Insurance Reviews

Consumer Affairs gives this pet insurer 2.8 stars. Most of the complains have to do with the time it takes to receive reimbursements following the submission of a claim.

There are reviews claiming customer service could be better as some policy holders had to call multiple times to get their claim processed.

Year-over-year policy increases are another complaint from consumers. One reviewer stated their increase in yearly premium was over 25%.

The website and app upset some users who find it hard to navigate, especially when submitting a claim.

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How to Get a Quote from Petplan Insurance

Getting a quote is as easy as visiting the company’s website. Be prepared to share the following information:

  • Name
  • Breed
  • Age

The above information helps Petplan determine the cost of comprehensive coverage.

You do not need medical records for the quote, but coverage does require an examination before beginning. Medical records ARE requested when there is a break in coverage or the pet has recently been injured or ill.

Another reason Petplan insurance is good is because of their no enrollment fee.

Be aware: Petplan Insurance has a waiting period after enrollment of 15 days because they will cover any injuries or illnesses. This keeps dog owners from seeking insurance after a pet is already injured or ill.

Just like all other types of insurance, pet insurance is to protect dog owners from unexpected veterinarian expenses.

Dog Ownership Guide Recommends Petplan Insurance

Out of all the pet insurance providers available in the United States, Petplan is at the top of the list as having the best pet insurance plans (especially the Healthy Paws plan). The monthly premiums are affordable and depending on the plan chosen, it can cover the costs of many expensive pet-related costs. This can come as a huge relief as vet bills accumulate after an incident or due to a chronic condition. Pet owners with multiple pets benefit the most from a pet insurance policy from this provider because of its comprehensive coverage.

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