PetPlan Insurance in the USA

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PetPlan Insurance in the USA

Petplan insurance in the USA is one of the most popular pet insurance providers because of how affordable it is and the comprehensive coverage the company offers. Dog owners seeking pet insurance will be happy to know that Petplan offers reimbursement if there is ever an accident, injury or illness leading to expensive vet bills you may not be able to afford.

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What PetPlan Covers

Petplan offers illness coverage for chronic conditions and pre existing conditions. This includes hereditary conditions, such as hip dysplasia. It also covers the cost of cancer treatments, if necessary.

Emergency care is also covered. This include illness coverage for acute conditions and injuries suffered from an accident.

Petplan’s policy reimburses pet owners’ exam fees and procedure and surgery costs. While there is no network of veterinarian providers pet owners must use, the pet insurance company does require their policyholders to use licensed vets.

Virtual vet visits, which has increased in popularity, are covered by this company’s pet insurance plans.

What Petplan Does Not Cover

Petplan does NOT offer wellness coverage through a wellness plan. This means you cannot use your insurance to pay for yearly, routine vet visits. You can’t use it for preventative care or routine care either. This includes blood tests and fecal tests to check for conditions such as heart worm.

Dental cleaning costs are not covered, but if the pet suffers from an oral issue such as decay or a disease, the costs of covering treatment ARE covered.

The good news is that if your dog should suffer from a condition (like heart worm) or a hereditary condition like hip dysplasia, the pet insurance company will cover the vet bills associated with that care.

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How Much Petplan Pet Insurance Costs

There are three types of plans: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Most dog owners pay between $34 and $54 in monthly premium for healthy dogs. Costs depend on several factors including pet’s age, breed, health, and specifics of the policy such as:

  • Annual Limit
  • Deductible
  • Reimbursement Level

Annual limits range from $2,500 to unlimited. This is the limit of how much the pet insurance provider will pay each year. The deductible is how much the dog owner has to pay before Petplan starts to pay for expenses. The reimbursement level is how much of the vet bills will be covered – it can range from 70% to 90%.

Discounts for a Petplan Policy

Petplan offers many discounts for their policy. Most of the discounts are for 10% off for the policy year. Customer service will usually honor this discount if the dog owner mentions.

Multiple pets do receive discounts. Each additional pet is discounted more. The only way to know exactly how much a Petplan’s policy will cost is to request a free quote from the website.

There are no signup fees to purchase a policy with Petplan. However, there is a waiting period. Pet parents must have their pet checked by a licensed vet and that record must be submitted to the company before a policy can be purchased. The waiting period before the policy will be activated is 15 days.

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