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Petplan Offers

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that  veterinarian costs are NOT cheap. You can easily spend hundreds of a dollar a year to care for a healthy pooch. Those costs significantly increase if there are health issues. An emergency? ???? It can turn into a financial nightmare.

The good news is that there are ways to safeguard your finances from the high costs of saving your pet’s life, so he or she can be part of your life for as long as possible – dog insurance. One pet insurance company you may wan to consider is Petplan.

Petplan Insurance for Dogs and Cats

Petplan pet insurance is one of the most popular pet insurance providers in the United States. The premiums for his insurance can be much lower than others, and the company offers a lot in coverage for that cost.

Like any insurance company, Petplan considers the pet’s needs – present and future – when helping pet owners choose the best dog insurance policy for the lowest cost.

petplan offers
petplan pet insurance

What PetPlan Offers

Petplan offers reimbursement for exam fees, procedures, and surgeries on vet bills having to do with emergency or unexpected injuries and illnesses for cats and dogs. Wellness plan coverage is NOT part of the illness coverage. In other words, preventative care or routine care such as checkups and regular testing, such as for heartworm are not covered by Petplan pet insurance.

Pet owners seeking wellness coverage should know that wellness plan policies are usually must more expensive and can usually outpace the costs of vet visits. This is especially true if exam fees are not as high as it is in some areas of the U.S. Even having multiple pets on a wellness plan may not help pay for veterinary costs. Pet insurance is primarily used for emergency care or long-term health conditions.

Pets with chronic conditions and pre existing conditions are accepted, even though the premium may be higher. This is true of most pet insurance companies willing to insure pets with known health issues, such as Pet Assure.

Annual deductibles are flexible making Petplan an affordable option for pet owners. Annual limits can also be adjusted to fit pet owners’ budgets.

Factors Influencing What Petplan Offers

An insurance policy is selected depending on:

  • Pet’s Age
  • Breed (This helps Petplan insurance understand what hereditary conditions the policy may need to cover.)
  • Health

A dog with chronic or pre existing conditions will need an exam to assess a pet’s needs.

The policy includes amounts for the deductible, annual limits and then monthly premiums. When an accident or emergency occurs, pet owners can submit a claim via email, the insurance company’s app, or on its website. Customer service is responsive and helpful throughout the claims process.

Pet owners must choose a licensed vet for emergency care – there is no network of licensed vets to choose from, which gives dog owners the freedom to choose whomever they prefer.

petplan discount codes
petplan offers

Petplan Offers to Save Money on an Insurance Policy

Petplan offers are released throughout the year. The most common one is 10% off a policy. While it’s possible to find this discount code online, asking customer service for the discount is usually enough to receive the discount.

Other popular Petplan offers include:

  • Petplan partnered with Barbox and Meowbox last year to offer 10% off a policy plus a free Barkbox or Meowbox.
  • During Pet Appreciation Week 2020, Petplan offered a free pethub tag with a policy.
  • For a short time, Petplan gave new insurance policyholders a $25 Amazon gift card.
  • Medical service dogs receive 10% off an insurance policy.
  • Pet owners who refer someone to Petplan receive $25.
  • Petplan offers a military discount of 10%.
  • Multiple pet policies also receive a 10% discount.
  • AARP members receive 10% off a pet insurance policy and during limited times, Petplan offers a $25 Visa gift card.

It is possible to find a Petplan coupon code online, but many times, the company will offer the discount simply for asking. This is especially true for each additional pet added to a policy. The company understands the value of their comprehensive coverage and truly cares about helping pet owners care for their furry friends during the most difficult times of their lives.

Free Quote for Petplan Insurance

It costs absolutely nothing to find out how much it costs to have peace of mind when it comes to unexpected veterinary care. It may not seem like the monthly premium is worth it, but any dog owner knows that emergency care is not cheap. The monthly premiums can quickly pay for themselves when vet bills show up in the mailbox.

It doesn’t take long to request a quote and if it fits into your budget, it’s easy to enroll.

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