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We’ve had a dog kicked out of daycare, so if you’re dealing with the same situation, we understand. It doesn’t feel good. You’re probably dealing with a lot of emotions – embarrassment, anger, confusion, and hopelessness.

It’s okay! We can help you figure out what to do now that you have a dog kicked out of daycare.

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What to Do with a Dog Kicked Out of Daycare

You were so excited (and nervous) the day your dog started doggy daycare. Now, you’re left flat on your bum wondering what happened and what you should do next.

Can you put your dog in another daycare facility? Is your pup stuck at home forever now?

Let’s tackle what to do now that your dog was kicked out of dog daycare.

Identify the Issue

If you don’t know the exact issue that resulted in your dog getting kicked out of daycare, call the facility to find out. It’s important to know the reason(s), so you can understand what you’re dealing with right now.

Depending on the reason your dog got kicked out of daycare, you can speak and hire a professional dog trainer. This will likely resolve the issues that led to being rejected.

Review the Contract

The most common reason a dog is kicked out of daycare is because of a violation of the contract. This could be due to biting another dog, a staff member, or simply being aggressive.

When aggressive dogs are kicked out of daycare, it simply means you likely have to find a different doggie daycare. There is a dog daycare for reactive dogs. The staff understands how to handle aggressive behavior, which means it will be much more likely to be a success.

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Read Reviews About the Doggy Daycare

Read reviews online to see if this is a common occurrence. Doggie daycares can be strict and if that is the case for your pup, you can just move on to find a different daycare.

Once you have a better understanding of why your dog was kicked out of daycare, it’s time to decide if you should look for a new one.

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How to Decide if a Daycare Setting Is a Right Fit for Your Dog

It can be difficult to decide if you should find your pup a new daycare, especially if this is your second or even third daycare setting. Take your time with the decision and consider the following factors to help you decide whether or not you should put your dog back into the daycare environment.

You should find a new daycare facility for your dog if…

  • Your dog was kicked out of daycare because of an isolated incident. In other words, what happened would likely not happen again.
  • The reason your dog was kicked out had to do with the other dogs in a group environment. Dog gangs are real and your pup may have suffered the consequences of being in one.
  • The daycare facility didn’t provide the necessary physical activity that your dog (especially if you have a big dog like a Great Dane) needs to stay out of trouble.
  • The facility wasn’t big enough for your big dog.
  • There were a lot of small dogs and you have a big dog or the other way around. When you have the majority of dogs big or small, it can cause issues with pack behavior.
  • Playgroups were large and your pup needs smaller groups.
  • The daycare facility simply didn’t meet your dog’s needs in some way.

There are so many doggie daycare facilities now and each place is different. This means with a little research, you can likely find one that is a good fit for your dog.

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You should not find a new daycare facility for your dog if…

  • Your dog attacked a staff member or another dog, which led to injuries. In this case, it’s better to work with your dog and possibly a trainer to resolve reactivity issues in your dog.
  • You have already tried a few daycare centers for your dog and none of them have been a good fit.
  • Your dog requires individual attention. In this case, you may want to consider a dog walker or dog sitter vs. a daycare environment.
  • Your dog prefers a different environment to play such as a dog park or the backyard.
  • Separation anxiety or hyperactivity causes your dog to be miserable at the daycare. Doggy daycare should be a safe place where dogs can have a good time while dog owners are at work. It shouldn’t be a place that your dog hates.

As much as you want your furbaby to be in a daycare setting so he/she doesn’t have to be home all day alone, it may not be the right fit for your dog. The good news is that there are many other options for you if your dog can’t go to daycare.

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How to Find a New Dog Care Center

If you believe your dog was kicked out of daycare due to an isolated incident or you want to try again, reach out to close friends with dogs in daycare for help finding a new one.

Take your time with choosing the next place you choose if you didn’t the first time. Tour the facilities with your dog. Watch your dog interact with staff and pups. Be sure to ask each daycare center questions to learn as much as possible about the place.

Should You Tell the Daycare Center About Your Dog Getting Kicked Out?

The choice is yours whether or not to tell the daycare center. Many will frown upon it and it could make it difficult to find another one. However, that may be good because you want a doggy daycare to understand your situation and be able to work with your dog if needed.

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If you don’t believe the daycare center needs to know what happened at the other facility, don’t worry too much about it. As long as your dog didn’t hurt another dog or person, the staff at the center will likely not care why anyhow.

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Alternatives to Dog Daycare After Your Dog Gets Kicked Out

As mentioned above, you can hire a dog sitter or dog walker for about the same price or less as using a daycare center. The advantage is that your dog can get individualized attention.

Many pet parents choose a dog sitting or dog walking service over daycare. It’s more flexible and can make dogs much happier.

For example, if your dog likes dog parks, the dog sitter or walker can take your dog to the dog park each day. Play dates may be an option if the person knows some other dogs that would enjoy it.

Aggressive dogs may not get along with different dogs, and that’s okay. The glory of having a person rather than many people taking care of your dog is that your dog receives the care he/she personally needs during the day.

There are many dog sitters/walkers who have training experience. This is a wonderful way to give your pup the proper training needed while you’re at work. You can then work with your dog when you have time.

Moving On When Your Dog Gets Kicked Out of Daycare

Having a dog is like having a child. Kids get kicked out of children’s daycares, too.

As a dog owner, it’s your job to find the best situation for your pup. That may or may not be a doggy daycare. With the information you’ve read above and what happened when your dog got kicked out, you can now move on to finding the best care for your furry friend.

Keep in mind, no matter what happened, your pup isn’t a bad dog. There are no bad dogs. There are dogs that require training – just like people who require education.

It’s time to move on with the lessons learned from this situation and get your pup the care he/she needs while you’re away during the day.

Leave a comment below about your experience if your dog was kicked out of daycare or if you have any questions. We’re here to help.




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