Beer Dog Toy – Bark Light / Barkweiser

As you grab a Bud Light or Budweiser for yourself, go ahead and toss a Bud over to your best furry bud with these beer dog toys. You’ll love seeing your dog walking around with one and so will your friends and family.


Beer Dog Toy – Bark Light / Barkweiser

Give your best bud a BUD with this beer dog toy. It makes the perfect dog gift for yourself, your dog, or your beer loving dog lover.

Each one of the beer dog toys have a durable squeaker in it for many hours of enjoyment. It’s small enough for your dog to thrash it around – throw it up in the air – kick it around the room. With tight felt around the container, it lasts longer even for the most aggressive chewers.

This beer dog toy weighs 3.2 ounces – two pack – a Bud Light and Barkweiser squeaker dog toy.

The Best Times for this Beer Dog Toy

How do you know this beer dog toy is the right one to buy? Consider the following:

  • You or the person you’re giving it to LOVES Bud Light or Budweiser.
  • There’s a barbecue and a dog walking around with a beer dog toy in his/her mouth is HILARIOUS. That’s what makes this such a funny dog toy.
  • It’s a hot summer day and there’s nothing better than hanging out on the porch with a cold Bud alongside your best bud with his Bud.
  • You really want to brighten someone’s day and you know whoever sees your dog carrying this will laugh.
  • You want your dog to love the same beer as you do, but you’re not into sharing your actual beer.

Got two dogs? No problem. This comes in a two pack – one Bark Light and Barkweiser so your best bud can share with his/her favorite doggie friend,

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