BrilliantPad Self Cleaning Automatic Indoor Dog Potty

Finding more messes in your home than you care to deal with, especially after a long day at work? Good news!

The BrilliantPad automatic indoor dog potty can keep your home free from messes and you from frustration.

You AND your puppy will love this self-cleaning indoor potty.


BrilliantPad Self Cleaning Automatic Indoor Dog Potty

Eureka! You have found the solution for puppy or small dog messes – the BrilliantPad self cleaning automatic indoor dog potty.

Let’s face it: Your puppy or small dog doesn’t have the ability to hold it 8+ hours while you’re at work. Instead of getting frustrated and mad, train your adorable pup to use this automatic indoor potty system.

How the BrilliantPad Self Cleaning Automatic Indoor Dog Potty Works

This indoor potty for puppies and small dogs is a dog’s saving grace when he/she has to use the bathroom but you’re not home to open the door to go outside. All you have to do is train your pup to go to the potty pad on the machine whenever he/she needs to relieve him/herself. Whenever there is urine, the machine will roll the pad into a used compartment and unroll a fresh new pad.

What happens when your pooch poops? That’s no problem! The machine rolls that into the used compartment too.

Changing the pads is super easy too. It’s hands-off. Just open the compartment, take out the roll from the ends, and place in the trash. The rolls can last weeks and equate to 27 pads.

Wi-Fi Capability for Smartphone Operation

You can control your automatic self-cleaning indoor dog potty from your smartphone! The sensors will push an alert to your phone when your pup uses the pad. You can then make sure the machine has cleaned up after your well-trained pup. If there’s anything left behind, you can easily signal the machine to roll out another new pad with a tap of a button.

The Benefits of a Self-Cleaning Indoor Dog Potty

✔️ Clean-smelling home.

✔️ Less mess for you to clean up when you return home.

✔️ Happier owner – happier dog.

Dog technology has surely advanced over the years. Take advantage of it with the BrilliantPad indoor dog potty.


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