Cuban Link Collar for Dogs

Your dog will look absolutely adorable in this Cuban link collar for dogs. It’s made of high-quality material so it lasts and the size is small enough to remain comfortable around your pup’s neck. When looking for a stylish collar for your pup, you can’t go wrong with SparkPaw’s Cuban link collar.

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Cuban Link Collar for Dogs

SparkPaws has taken dog fashion to the next level by producing products that will get heads turning, Their Cuban link collar for dogs in gold is all you need to have your dog looking better than ever. With this collar, you and your pooch will be receiving compliments left and right.

Features of SparkPaw’s Cuban Link Collar for Dogs

There are many amazing features on this collar that you will love.


This collar has many sizes to choose from. It is a little difficult to decide which size would be the right fit for your pup. Here are some steps/tips that you can use to help decide.

First, start by measuring where your dog’s collar would comfortably sit. Then use a string of some sort to measure around your dog’s neck. Make sure at least two fingers can easily fit between the string and your dog’s neck. This way you can ensure the collar won’t be too tight or too loose. Whatever you used to measure make sure to measure it with a ruler.

Then when you decide to purchase and you notice your dog is in between sizes it is a safe bet to round up. Spark Paws also recommends going up a size for puppies, so that they can continue to grow with their collar.


This collar is made of very high-end stainless steel metal and is plated with 18k gold. The links that hold it together are hand welded, making it the most blingy and sturdy collar you have probably ever seen.


You may be wondering how heavy this collar would be on your dog’s neck considering it’s made of gold.

Depending on what size you choose is how heavy it is going to be. The bigger you go in size the heavier it becomes. It can be anywhere between 150g-260g.


Integrated into the collar is a heavy-duty buckle with a safety clasp. If your dog is wiggling out of its collars, this is the solution for you. This buckle-clasp duo is very strong and very unlikely to come loose.

Lasting Color

The gold coloring that makes up this collar will not fade unless scratched against a hard surface or exposed to chemicals and salt.


If you ever find your Spark Paw collar getting dirty you can always wash it with warm water and wipe with a soft towel for easy cleanup.

Style & Comfort At Its Finest

You will not be disappointed with the Cuban link collar for dogs from SparkPaw. Your dog will not only look stylish but will remain comfortable. Give it a try and take a lot of pictures of your pup in it. You will absolutely love it for years to come.

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