Dirty Dog Shammy Towel


Ever heard of the Car Shammy? Well, this dog towel is the Dirty Dog Shammy, and it performs just as amazing as the towel for vehicles. It soaks up 20x more water than regular towels and it has pockets! You AND your pup will love this soft dog towel that dries fur FAST.


Make bathing your dog a luxurious experience for him with the Dirty Dog Shammy! No longer will you have to use old towels that don’t soak up your wet dog. Within minutes, your dog will be dry and happily running around.

About the Dirty Dog Shammy Towel

The best thing about this dog towel is that it has pockets! Just places each hand into each pocket and wrap your hands around your pup. He/She will feel the warmth of your grip and the towel.

The Shammy technology makes drying your dog fast and easy. Just like the shammy for cars, it soaks up water like no other towel on the market. You’ll want to use this on yourself after you see how effective it can be in drying fur.

Many dog owners don’t even have to use a blow dryer when they use the dog towel. Now, that’s a perk for both pup and owner.

Size and Colors

Dirty Dog Shammy

This towel for dog grooming comes in one convenient size – 13″x31″. It is plenty big enough for small to extra large dogs since it soaks up 20x more water than towels. It’s also small enough to carry anywhere – the beach, in the car, to the park, and more.

Colors include:

  • Grey
  • Pacific Blue
  • Brown

All of the colors available are dark so that it doesn’t get dingy when you dry your pup after a good time in puddles. 😉😜

How to Use the Shammy for Dirty Dogs

Just like you use your car’s shammy. Dry your dog with the towel and then ring it out. Toss it in the washer, dryer and it’s ready for use again. Out and about? No problem. Just ring it out and hang it to dry. It will perform for you over and over again!

The Best Towel for Dog Grooming

You AND your dog will absolutely love the soft and effective way this towel dries. It’s amazing. Buy it on Amazon now.

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