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Take your precious pup anywhere you go with this convenient dog backpack. It’s perfect for rides on public transportation, shopping, hiking, or just a casual stroll. Check out all of the features below to see why we recommend this backpack for dogs!


A++ Dog Backpack

This dog backpack made by K9 Sport Sack is the perfect accessory for all you dog lovers who are also avid travelers. This easy-to-use backpack provides you with the ability to bring your pup on all of your wildest adventures.

Features of the Backpack

This backpack has many features that you will love.


If you love to hike you will be excited to hear that this backpack only weighs 1.1 pounds. Hiking can be tiring on its own especially if you have to worry about your dog getting tired. With this accessory, you and your companion can trek mountains with ease.


With this backpack, we don’t discriminate on the size of the pup you wish to travel with. K9 Sport Sack’s backpacks range in sizes from XS-L. These sizes can fit anywhere from smaller to medium-sized dogs.


Everything is better in color. When purchasing this backpack you can choose from ten different colors. There is a match for everyone whether you like neutral or even bright colors.


This backpack is made from faux leather. Faux leather is very useful in traveling because it is resistant to stains and fading This amazing backpack also includes dual mesh venting panels so that your dog can feel the breeze throughout their experience.

Backpack Details

This backpack has a lot of qualities that help to make your experience easy and stress-free. For example, ergonomic shoulder straps, padded resting base, leg openings for your pup, dual side pockets, and a velcro strap for a custom patch.

Activities Where a Dog Backpack Comes in Handy

Who doesn’t love a travel buddy? With this dog backpack, you can take your pup with you easily. It can be used on walks, public transportation, hikes, bike rides, and even shopping. Your dog will thank you for all the great adventures they will be going on with this backpack.

Traveling with Your Dog has Never Been Easier

K9 Sport Sack’s main motive behind this product is to provide all our dog lovers with a way to live an active lifestyle with stress-free dog care. With the purchase of this backpack, you can start filling your bucket list with all kinds of outdoor trips that both you and your fluffy companion can enjoy. If you are looking for a good dog backpack, look no further, this is the backpack for you.

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