Dog Hemp Calming Treats

Now you do not need to worry about stressful events such as car rides, vet visits, thunderstorms, and travel when your dog exhibits nervous, or stressed behavior. Using natural and other premium ingredients, PetHonesty’s Calming Hemp chews can assist in reducing your dog’s anxiety, stress, and hyperactivity so that you and your dog can bond while enjoying our chews that act like calming supplements.


Dog Hemp Calming Treats

Dog hemp calming treats are made of all the natural ingredients that are backed by nutrition science research and testing. These treats contain no preservatives and help in calming the dogs, reducing their anxiety and stress.

What to Love About Dog Hemp Calming Treats

No Preservatives

Dog hemp calming treats use only Natural Ingredients To Calm Your Dog. The hemp and natural ingredients in these calming aid chews will reduce anxiety and stress within 30-60 minutes. The natural ingredients used in these chews, such as Valerian Root, Ginger, and Organic Chamomile, are great for dogs with nervousness, hyperactivity, dissatisfaction, or environmental stress.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

It’s so heartbreaking to watch our dogs suffer from fear, anxiety, and stress. Dogs can use these natural chews to remain calm and relaxed during separation, travel, motion sickness, changes in routine, and behavioral issues like aggression, barking, and hyperactivity. This makes it easier to take your dog to public places, events, on travels, and to the vet

Dog Hemp Calming Treats Promotes Safety

With the use of premium ingredients, pet honesty calming hemp adheres to strict safety standards. The product does not contain any wheat, corn, GMOs, or harsh preservatives. It only uses the highest-quality ingredients that have natural healing and nutritional properties like Organic Hemp, Chamomile, Valerian Root, and Ginger.

Tasty and Therapeutic

Dogs actually like soft chews because they act like treats! Calming Hemp dog supplements come in a soft chew in a delicious natural flavor that your dog will love! Your dog’s food will no longer contain pills, tablets, or powders.

✅ Vet Reviewed and Recommended

The vet-reviewed and vet-recommended Calming Hemp chews have been proven to calm your dog’s nerves, support brain function, and maintain a calm disposition.

✅ Three Flavors Available

These calming help chews are available in three distinct flavors: chicken, beef, and duck. All of them help to reduce anxiety and hyperactivity. 

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