Dog Life Jacket

You’re looking for a dog life jacket, and you want something that looks good. Well, how about this one? It looks like a shark! Everyone will love how cute your pup looks in it while in the water and they won’t be afraid of this shark.

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Safe & Stylish Dog Life Jacket

Does your pup love to swim, but you worry about the possibility of them drowning? This life jacket made by Due Felice is guaranteed to protect your dog from the water and help aid in rescue if need be. With this product, your dog will be having all kinds of summer fun without the heat.

Features of the Life Jacket

This product has a ton of cool features that will sure to meet all your needs.


This dog life jacket is perfect for all of our fashionable pups out there. When purchasing you can choose from multiple different patterns. There is a green dinosaur, purple mermaid, pink mermaid, and a shark. Your pouch will sure be in style this summer.


Due Felice’s dog life jacket comes in multiple different sizes. It comes in small, medium, and large. This way no matter how big or small your pet is you are able to keep them safe from all water activities.


This life vest is made of high-quality durable oxford cloth, polyethylene foam, and breathable mesh. These materials are what help make this product long-lasting. They aid in quick drying, proper drainage of water, and comfort.

Rescue Handle

The dog life jacket includes a rescue handle on top of the vest for extra safety. With this product you know that if you ever feel like you need to get your dog out of the water quickly because of the tide, for example, you could easily grab them by this handle and pull them to safety.

Reflective Stripes

The doggy life vest also includes reflective stripes for all our nighttime swimming lovers. This way if you and your pup are ever swimming at night or in the early morning these bright safety colors will keep them visible and out of harm’s way.

Where to Use?

This dog life jacket can be used for many different activities. Pups can wear it to go swimming in the pool, ocean, lake, and river. In addition, they may also wear it as protection in the backyard in case they happen to fall in the pool and don’t know how to swim.

Dog Safety at Its Best

Due Felice’s main priority behind this product is to ensure dog owners that their pups are safe when encountered any water situations. Everyone likes to have fun, especially without stress. With this dog life jacket, you can live your best summer life with your favorite furry friend. I’m telling you with this product you will be booking all of the lake trips with your pup.

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