Dog Ramp for Bed with Side Rails

Say goodbye to having to bend over to pick up your pup every single time he/she wants to get on the bed. With the dog ramp for bed with side rails, your dog can safely and easily get up on the bed independently. Get one today to see how happy you will make your furbaby and you feel with this added freedom.

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Dog Ramp for Bed with Side Rails

Do you have a pup that has a hard time getting into bed on his/her own? Yes? You are in the right place then. It can be a pain having to constantly pick your dog up and place him/her back down when desired. The good news is that with the dog ramp for bed with side rails from DoggoRamps, your furry friend can go up and down whenever without having to ask you for a lift.


Dog Ramp for Bed with Side Rails’ Features

This dog ramp has so many qualities that you are sure to love. This product is the perfect choice for all dog owners.


This dog ramp for your bed is a great size for all types of beds. It is 64″ long, and 15″ wide, and it folds flat to 3″ for easy storage whenever needed.

Very Convenient

DoggoRamps’ whole initiative is to make your and your dog’s life easier. This dog ramp has an adjustable height with 7 intervals that range from 12″ to 37″. So, no matter the height of your bed this ramp will work. Also when you receive your ramp you will be happy to find that it comes fully assembled.


The ramp is made of solid hardwood that is 100% sourced and handcrafted in North America. It includes an anti-slip surface that is rubbery and soft and gives amazing traction and comfort to your pup’s paws.


When purchasing this bed dog ramp you may choose from 5 different beautiful colors. These colors include walnut, coastal grey, clear natural, jet black, and snow white. This way you can try and best match it to your furniture.


What makes this bed dog ramp better than others is its reversible railings. This way you will never have to worry about your dog’s safety when they use it. The cool thing about these rails is that they can also be removed if you didn’t want them.


For the quality of the ramp, you are receiving this price is incredible. Depending on the color of wood you choose, the price can range anywhere from $299-$335. This may seem like a lot, but if you consider what you are getting for it you will realize it is worth it.

Secure for All Sizes

While most people believe this dog ramp for beds with side rails is for small dogs, it can be used for large dogs as well.


How a Dog Ramp for Bed Rails Helps Dogs

Dogs suffering from joint problems or arthritis may not be able to jump up on a bed. Small dogs may just not be able to jump high enough to get on top of a bed. A dog ramp for a bed makes it easy for both populations of dogs to get on top of the bed. The side rails make it so its safe to use. Dogs like humans can lose balance or may even get startled walking up the ramp. The side rails help keep your pup safely on the ramp until reaching the destination – the bed.


Give Freedom Back to Your Pup

With the purchase of this dog ramp for bed with side rails, your dog will have the privilege to decide when they want to curl up in bed and when they want to get down without bothering you in the process. It is the best choice if your pup loves to nap during the day. It is safe, reliable, and gives your pup so much freedom.


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