Dog Shower Head

Looking for an easy way to bathe your dog in your bathtub or shower? Well, you’re in luck – Waterpik’s dog shower head attachment is just what you need. The wand shape and pressure get down underneath the thickest double coats! Get your pup thoroughly wet for shampooing and soap-free after rinsing with the best shower head attachment for dogs on the market today.


The dog shower head from Waterpik is one of the most popular shower attachments for dog baths. The wand sprayer attachment makes washing your dog fast and way.

Watering Down and Rinsing Off

Dog owners of thick coat pups know all too well how hard it is to get fur wet enough for a good lather after applying shampoo. Usually, the reason it’s hard to get a thick-coated or water-resistant coat wet enough is there isn’t enough water at the right pressure getting underneath the coats, in the case of double coats. That’s why it’s very important that dog owners of all breeds have a good shower head for their dogs.

Dog Ownership Guide recommends the Waterpik Pet Want Pro, the very best shower head attachment for washing dogs.

About Waterpik’s Dog Shower Head

The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro is a professional-grade shower attachment that comes in an easy-to-use wand shape, providing full coverage. It’s great for all-size dogs and breeds, including long-haired breeds.

The combing spray gets water to the skin of dogs to ensure your dog is fully wet and soap-free after rinsing. The watercomb design of the wand makes it possible to wash dogs with the thickest double coats.

Outdoor Hose Attachment Option

The Waterpik showerhead easily attaches to your shower AND an outdoor water hose, making it easy to wash your dog inside or outside.

It’s easy to travel with the Waterpik bathing stations, so take it with you everywhere you and your pup go on your adventures. When needed, take it out of the packaging, attach it to a water hose and rinse the dirt away FAST and EASY.

Waterpik’s Complete Bathing Station

dog shower head by waterpikWaterpik includes the following in their complete bathing station:

  • Pet Wand PRO
  • 8-Foot Flexible Hose
  • Outdoor Hose Adapter
  • Suction Cup Hook
  • Indoor Shower Diverter

The flow rate of the showerhead is available in 1.8 GPM and 2.5 GPM.

Make bathing your dog quick and easy with one of the best shower head systems on the market today.

Purchase the shower attachment on Amazon now.

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