Dog Weighted Collar


Nylon dog weighted collars are comfortable and effective in building a dog’s muscles. Exercise your pup fully on walks with this collar made by Walktime. Made for large breeds in various sizes and weights to accommodate the four-legged friend in your life.


Dog Weighted Collar

When you’re not looking for leather dog collars that are weighted, Walktime comes in with their nylon dog collar that is just as effective and durable.

Dog training with a weight dog collar improves a dog’s health because it builds a dog’s muscles and joint strength and mobility. Your four-pawed friend will love how comfortable this weight collar is, and with removable weights, all large dog breeds can use it.

Features of the Dog Weighted Collar by Walktime

Walktime has put a lot of love into the products they sell. The following are the features you can expect from this dog collar.

Padded Dog Collar

Walktime’s heavy-duty nylon weight collar has thick soft cushion padding for all-day comfort.

Perfect for Daily Walking

Due to being able to remove the weights, you can adjust the weight your dog carries around making it perfect for daily walking.

Large Buckles

Easily place this weight collar for dogs around your pup’s neck and attach the leash in seconds with its big buckles.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Walkime is so confident you’ll love this weighted dog collar that the company offers a money-back guarantee on it.

Perfect for Large Dogs

Weighted collars are perfect for large dogs, like pitbulls and large amstaffs.

Many Sizes and Weights Available

Size S-collar comes with 4 weights, fitting a neck of 36- 46 cm (14 – 18 inch), total weight approx. 1.3 kg (3.1lbs)

Size M- collar comes with 5 weights, fitting a neck of 41- 51 cm (16 – 20 inch), total weight approx. 1.6 kg (3.7lbs)

Size L- collar comes with 6 weights, fitting a neck of 46- 56 cm (18- 22 inch), total weight approx. 1.9 kg (4.3 lbs)

Size XL-collar comes with 7 weights, fitting a neck of 51- 61 cm (20- 24 inch), total weight approx. 2.2 kg (4.9 lbs)

Size 2XL-collar comes with 8 weights, fitting a neck of 56- 66 cm (22- 26 inch), total weight approx. 2.5 kg (5.4lbs)

Size 3XL-collar comes with 9 weights, fitting a neck of 61- 71 cm (24- 28 inch), total weight approx. 2.8 kg (6lbs)

Size 4XL-collar comes with 10 weights, fitting a neck of 66- 76 cm (26- 30 inch), total weight approx. 3.1 kg (7lbs)

Purchase Walktime’s Dog Weighted Collar

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