Doggie Dooley In Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

The Doggie Dooley in ground waste disposal system will save your trash barrel from 💩 smells. Dig, place, and treat to naturally get rid of dog waste in an environmentally way.


Doggie Dooley In Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

Does your trash barrel stink because of all the dog poop you have to put in it? Most dog owners know this smell all too well. The reason we say “most” is because there are many who have switched over to a Doggie Dooley in ground dog waste disposal system. It’s the solution to a stinky trash barrel full of bags of doggie poo.

About the Doggie Dooley In Ground Dog Waste Disposal System

An in ground dog waste disposal system is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. It works just like a septic system.

All you do is add water and waste terminator tabs and WALA… the waste vanishes like magic.

This Doggie Dooley (3800X) is perfect for 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs.

The system comes with a black base and green lid. The lid opener can be foot-operated, so you stay as far away from it as possible when making a deposit.

BONUS: Doggie Dooley includes a starter pack of the digester.

How to Install Doggie Dooley

When you receive the product, get ready to dg. You will need to dig a hole that is 18″ for the first 6″ down and then 8″ for the rest of the 48″ you’ll need to dig down.

This may be a deal breaker for you, but don’t let it be! Yes, it can be hard work to dig the hole, but the long term benefits are worth it.

After you dig the hole, place Doggie Dooley on the top so it sits right above where the 8″ wide hole begins. The green part of Doggie Dooley should be just above the hole nicely concealed by your grass.

How the In Ground Dog Waste Disposal System Works

All you have to do to keep your disposal system in tip-top shape is add water and dog waste to the system each day.

Once a week, drop a Waste Terminator Tablet into the system.

Mother Nature will take care of the rest by breaking down the dog waste.

Purchase Waste Terminator

Don’t forget to purchase waste terminator with your Doggie Dooley in ground dog waste disposal system.

You have two to choose from:




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