Furbo Treat Tossing WiFi Dog Camera

Dog owners love to watch their dogs while away from home. We know because we do it.

Now, not only can you see your dog when at work or with friends, but you can interact with your pup and even give him/her a treat.

The Furbo treat tossing WiFi dog camera should be in every dog owner’s home.


Furbo Treat Tossing WiFi Dog Camera

The Furbo treat tossing dog camera with WiFi is a dog technology for both dog owners AND their dogs.

All dog owners know what it feels like to wonder what their fur baby is doing at home alone. That’s why so many people have installed cameras in their home.

Admit it – you’ve done. You’ve brought up your home camera app just to see what your pup is doing – even though you know he/she is just lounging around waiting until the best part of the day – when you get home.

With the Furbo treat tossing dog camera, your best bud doesn’t have to wait until you come home to interact with you!

Furbo Treat Tossing WiFi Dog Camera Features

This dog camera has a 1800p Full HD Camera and night vision. It turns 160 degrees with a wide-angle view.

The 2-way audio and barking alert keeps you abreast of any turmoil your pooch may be experiencing while you’re away from home. Whenever your dog barks, Furbo pushes a notification to your phone so you can check up on him/her.

Bored while away from home? Throw a treat with the power of dog technology. With a tap on your phone, a treat dispenses and your fur baby can happily chase after it.

Setup is super easy! Plug Furbo into the outlet, download the Furbo app, and connect it to your home’s WiFi. Done.

You will find many versions of the treat tossing WiFi dog camera, but there’s only one that leads the way – Furbo.

Buy Furbo’s dog camera for yourself and your dog(s) or purchase it as a gift for your favorite dog owner.

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