Furniture Style Dog Crate

Looking for the perfect furniture-style dog crate? Say goodbye to those other boring dog crates and let your dog live in our multifunctional pet crate. Not only does it have a contemporary design, but it’s also the best functional dog crate.



Furniture Style Dog Crate

This furniture-style dog crate gives your dog the comfort he/she needs with a secure space to hang out. It is a smart blend of crate and furniture that makes an ideal space for your dog as well as complements your home decor.

Safe and Ventilated 

This furniture-style dog crate has magnetic doors that are easy to open, and the latches will keep your pet securely confined. It comes with front and side steel wire windows that provide great ventilation for your pets. Its magnetic double door ensures security while the elevated bottom keeps pets away from humidity.

Convenient Furniture Style Dog Crate

This dog crate furniture is convenient for dog owners, as it is light and easy to assemble. It makes an ideal choice for small and medium-sized dogs less than 25.5″ & 33 lbs. Due to versatility, you can store other items on its flat-top roof. 

Easy to Manage 

The crate has adjustable foot pads to keep the cage stable on uneven surfaces. The elevated base helps to protect the bottom from any damage or moisture. 

Versatile and Durable

It is a multipurpose design. It can be used as both a dog house and an end table. This pet crate is secure, stable, versatile, and easy to use. Its elegant surface treatment enables you to combine it with your furniture. It has a rustic design that makes it look like an end table, and can be a perfect space for your pet. 

Adds Element to Home Décor 

It is a smart blend of safety and aesthetics. While it makes the perfect crate for your dog, its Wood-like surface brings a rustic charm to your home. Made of sustainable materials, its wood-like finish makes this dog kennel look voguish.

Other Colors and Size available 

The crate comes in dimensions of 33.5″ W x 21.75″ D x 29.5″ H. You can choose the colors between gray and brown. This crate is ideal for medium and small-sized dogs (less than 25.5” in length and 22lbs in weight).

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