Harness for Running with Dogs

This harness for running with dogs is comfortable, flexible, and stylish. You will love running with your pup with this harness on him/her along with the attached leash and poop bag. You won’t ever want another harness and leash combo!

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Harness for Running with Dogs

Are you an avid runner and love exploring new trails on foot, but get bored doing it yourself? Now with the Ultra-Soft Activewear Harness Set made by SparkPaws, your furry friend can join you comfortably on all of your wildest adventures. It’s the perfect harness for running with dogs.


Harness for Running with Dogs: The Features

This harness for running with dogs has many features that all of our fitness lovers are sure to enjoy.


This harness comes in many different sizes. You can choose from x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. This way no matter the size of your pup there is a harness for them.

Additional Pieces

Along with the dog harness, this set also includes a complimentary waterproof leash and a matching poop bag holder. Making this product a 3-1.


Spark Paws’s dog harness is made of a super soft and cushioned fabric to ensure maximum comfort for your pup. Whether you are going on a quick walk around the block or a wild adventure into the woods, your dog will be comfortable the entire time.

Customize To Fit Your Dog

What makes this harness even more perfect is its adjustable straps. Some straps go around your dog’s neck and body. This way you can make it as loose or as tight as you would like.

Waterproof Leash

Along with your harness Spark Paws also includes a waterproof coated nylon leash. This leash is just as soft as the harness and is very sturdy. It is also super easy to clean if needed.

Leash Sizes

Depending on the size harness you choose for your pup determines what size leash you receive. If you choose an XS-M set a standard leash will be included. If you choose an L-XL set you will receive a large leash.

Extra Poop Bags

Along with your poop bag holder that you receive with your harness Spark Paws also includes an extra roll of bags. So if you run out you already have a backup.

Recommended Size

Even though this harness comes in a lot of different sizes it does have a recommended weight limit. Spark Paws recommends your dog be between 5lbs-50lbs. However, it is totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.


Get This Harness for Running with Dogs

With this Activewear Harness Set, you will never have to leave your pup at home again. He/She will be able to join you on all trips comfortably and in style. Buy one today and open your dog up to a world of possibilities.

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