Odor Resistant Dog Bed

Can’t get the dog smell out of your dog’s bed? The BedBoss is your answer. This odor-resistant dog bed will quickly become not only your dog’s favorite bed but yours too, especially since you can easily take off the cover and wash it whenever you please. For under $50, you can’t beat the value of this dog bed.

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Odor Resistant Dog Bed

This odor resistant dog bed made by BedBoss is the perfect option for all pet owners who are self-conscious about the way their dog’s bed smells. This bed is like no other in the way that it provides ultimate comfort and support without the fear of any doggy smell.


Features of the Odor Resistant Dog Bed

This bed specifically made for your furry friend has many features that you will be sure to love.

Product Size

This dog bed is best for smaller to medium-sized dogs. Its dimensions are 20 x 30 x 5 inches and weighs around 5 pounds, making it an easy travel bed for all of our adventurous dog families out there.


This odorless dog bed is made with an orthopedic foam base that helps aid dogs that struggle with joint pain, arthritis, patella luxation, and osteochondritis. This material will help them sleep and relax as well as possible. It also prevents any kind of bed sores that other dog beds may cause. The outside is designed with a skin-friendly soft faux fur that guarantees max comfort for your pup.


The material that this amazing dog bed is made out of actually chews and is scratch-resistant. If you have yourself a new puppy and they have the habit of chewing on anything they find around the house, this bed is perfect for you. The Oxford cloth is extremely durable and can withstand pretty much anything your pup throws at it.


BedBoss has conveniently made this bed waterproof to help prevent any water bowl spills and make accidents easy to spot for cleanup.

Odor Resistant

This is what makes this an odor-resistant dog bed: The zip-up cover is 100% polyester and odorless. The polyfill stuffing helps filter out any unwanted smells leaving you with a fresh dog bed at all times.

Machine Washable

Despite this bed being an odor-resistant dog bed, it is always good to have something look and smell fresh. Luckily for you, this bed has a zip-up cover that can be easily removed and thrown in the wash along with any other laundry, or by itself if you wish. It can also be easily vacuumed if you are looking for a quicker option to remove hair.

Free Extra Outer Covers

Who doesn’t love free things? This company actually includes two extra outer covers along with your bed that you can interchange when washing your other one. Leaving your dog with 24/7 comfort.


Buy BedBoss’ Odor Resistant Dog Bed

Investing in this odorless dog bed will leave you with a stress-free comfortable experience for you and your pup. There will be no more hiding the dog bed from visitors in fear they will smell your pup’s odors. Receive maximum comfort for your dog and happiness for you at just a small price with BedBoss.


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