Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

“Gggggrrrr… Ouch! Don’t Do That! Come Here Puppy!” These are just some of the sounds and wisecracks the Babble Ball by Pet Qwerks makes that will keep your pup entertained for hours. It’s made of durable ABS and it’s as small as a tennis ball, making it perfect for all size dogs.

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This dog toy isn’t just funny for dogs, but it’s funny for humans too. The ball has over 20 funny wisecracks and sounds. The sounds include growling and whimpering. The wisecracks include the following and much more:

  • Hot Diggity Dog
  • Come Here Puppy
  • Ouch! Don’t Do That!
  • Yeah Baby!
  • Oh No!

The Awesomeness of Babble Ball by Pet Qwerks

  • The ball is motion-activated, so it doesn’t take much to make it start.
  • If your dog is blind or has poor vision, this ball is perfect since your fur baby can follow the sounds!
  • It’s great for large size dogs over 25 pounds.
  • Keeps dogs busy for hours.
  • Good for aggressive chewers due to being made from high-impact ABS.

About Pet Qwerks Toys

The Pet Qwerks company has been manufacturing high-quality dog toys since 2003. Their top-selling Barkbones put them on the map of being a leader in toys for dogs. Dog owners will find that this dog toy is just as amazing as Backbones.

Tips for Pet Qwerks Babble Ball

Many dog owners have purchased this toy and then used it in many ways to keep their dogs entertained. Placing the ball inside of a bigger ball will still activate the sound and give the dog a bigger challenge as he/she tries to understand how to get to the ball. For example, placing this smaller ball in one of these balls:

Hol-ee Roller

hol-ee roller


Babble Ball is the size of a tennis ball, so some people have opened a tennis ball and placed it inside of it for a softer outside. This can be great for visually impaired balls. 

The Babble Ball will quickly become your dog’s favorite toy. Purchase it for your fur baby or give it as a gift.

This dog toy comes in Small, Medium, and Large. The price is for the Large size.



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