PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence

This easy to setup and use wireless above ground dog fence is the solution to your fence woes.

Simply set up the system around the area where you want to keep your pup, place the electronic collar on him/her and watch how it ensures your pooch stays within the perimeter.

The PetSafe invisible fence does not harm your dog in any way. It’s perfectly safe, effective, and easy!


PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence

One of the main reasons down owners don’t use an invisible fence to keep their dog in the yard is because they believe it’s too hard to set up. That is until PetSafe came out with their PetSafe invisible dog fence.

How It Works

All you have to do is place the system where you want to have a 3/4 acre circle in which your pet will be enclosed. That’s right – there are NO wires. Just place the transmitter down and walk away.

The transmitter will send one of five levels of correction to your dog’s electronic collar, which comes with the purchase of the system. There is a tone-only mode for dog owners who would like to use that as an alternative to the vibration.

In just a couple of hours, you will have a large space in your backyard where your pup can freely run, play and jump without worrying about running away into danger.

What the PetSafe Invisible Dog Fence System Includes

The system includes:

  • PetSafe Collar
  • Charging Cables (Transmitter and Collar)
  • Flags

Additional transmitters and collars are available for purchase.

When to Use the Invisible Dog Fence

This dog fence is not for people who want to allow their dog roam free the perimeter of the yard. This only keeps dog in an 3/4 acre circle. The transmitter must be brought inside when not in use, as it cannot withstand rain and snow.

This system is perfect for:

  • Dog owners who want to take their dog to the park and keep him/her in a certain area.
  • Those who live in an apartment, but want to have their dog run free outside at times.
  • Dog owners who want their dog to stop digging under the fence.
  • Small dogs who struggle with going through the fence.

This easy-to-use wireless dog fence is the answer to everyone wanting to keep their dog enclosed to remain safe.



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