Pinecone & Squirrel Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy

This aggressive chewer dog toy will turn into your dog’s FAVORITE toy. It’s bright, fun to chew AND dispenses food or treats. What a reward! Bring this home to your dog after reading why we believe it’s one of the best dog toys for aggressive chewers.

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Pine cones are bad for dogs, so this dog toy is a great alternative. It’s bright orange with a small squirrel desperately trying to hold on as your pup chews on him. It is truly one of the best aggressive chewer dog toys available today.

Pinecone & Squirrel Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy Features

You won’t be disappointed when you purchase this aggressive chewer dog toy. Below are all the features that make this dog toy a favorite among all dogs.

Perfect for All Breeds and Dog Sizes

This aggressive chewers dog toy is the perfect toy for small and large breeds.

Effective Teeth Cleaner

What’s even better is that the natural rubber is effective at cleaning your dog’s teeth! Your vet may commend you on your good dog teeth brushing!

Satisfies Need to Chew

As a dog owner, you know how important it is for dogs to chew. This dog toy helps satisfy that instinct in a safe and non-destructive way. You AND your pup will be happy and at peace, as you both enjoy this brightly colored dog toy month after month and for some dogs, year after year!

Food Dispensing

Reward your pup for chewing on something he or she is supposed with the treats or food that comes out during playtime. What a surprise it will be to your favorite furry friend to see ANOTHER present appear while chewing, batting, and throwing the toy around.

Lifetime Replacement

Speaking of the month after month and year after year, the manufacturer MONDOTOY offers lifetime replacement. You cannot deny the value in that offer. Order one now, so you and your dog can start to enjoy this safe and healthy toy.

Other Colors and Sizes Available

Choose from the orange pinecone and yellow squirrel or a red pinecone with a white squirrel – those colors are perfect for a dog’s eyes. You can also choose between two sizes: 87mm x 115mm or 98mm x 139 mm.

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