Remote Control Dog Toy

You and your pup will have a great time with this remote control dog toy. Use the remote to make the ball move all around the house or let your dog play with it alone. It’s great entertainment for everyone.

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Remote Control Dog Toy

When your dog is bored of regular tennis balls, you may want to consider getting a remote control ball. This particular interactive dog ball is one that will have you and your dog entertained for hours.

Features of the Remote Control Dog Toy

Dog Ownership Guide is amazed by all of the things that this remote control dog toy can do. Check it out.

Remote Controlled

All you have to do is push the buttons on the remote control to make the ball move from the left and right. Watch your pup chase after the ball as you manipulate where and when it moves.

Colorful LED Lights

The ball lights up! It has three colors and 5 modes for the lights. Play with it in the dark to really have fun with it.

Kids Love It

Kids love to play with the ball with dogs. They like to be able to move it around with a remote and then the dog runs after it. Get ready to hear your kids’ shriek as the dog has the best time playing with it.


While you don’t want to let your dog chew on it for a long time, this ball lasts a long time if you are with your pup. Your dog picking it up and throwing it around does not harm the ball.

Long Lasting Battery

Don’t worry about having to charge it all the time. The battery lasts a long time – 5 to 6 hours.

Sleep Mode

The ball turns off when your pet isn’t playing with it. As soon as it’s touched, the ball turns on again ready for more fun.

Play With or Without the Remote

You can play with your dog or without because the ball makes the perfect toy by itself. It’s light so it will roll and light up with just your dog batting it around and throwing it.

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