Sensitive Skin Dog Harness

Finally, a sensitive skin dog harness will treat your pup’s delicate skin the way it should be treated. You can take your pup everywhere comfortably without the irritation that other harnesses can cause. The bonus is that these are super cute!

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Sensitive Skin Dog Harness

Does your dog love to go on walks, but hasn’t mastered walking with just a collar yet? With this Ultra-Soft Activewear Harness by Spark Paws, your furry friend can walk comfortably without any excess weight.

Features of SparkPaw’s Sensitive Skin Dog Harness

This sensitive skin dog harness has many features you and your pup will love.


This activewear harness comes in many different sizes. You may choose from XS, S, M, L, and XL. No matter how big or how small your dog is they are more than welcome to this product.

Recommended Weight

Even though this harness comes in many sizes, there is a recommended weight limit. Spark Paws recommends your dog be somewhere between 5lbs-50lbs. Only so that you get the best experience out of their product.


This harness is made of a super soft and lightweight human athletic fabric. Specifically, Nylon, Poly, Lyca, blended base, woven webbing straps, and coated alloy D-rings. All of this contributes to making it the most durable harness out there.


The straps on this harness are also adjustable so that it fits your dog snuggly in all places, especially around the neck and body.

Extra Cushion

Most dogs when being walked love to pull and sometimes that can hurt their chest. With this harness, there is an extra cushion on the torso to try and help prevent this pain.


The cool thing about this dog harness is that can be washed in the washing machine. It must be washed on cold and hung to dry afterward to keep it in perfect shape.


This harness comes in an array of different colors. For instance, grey, pink, green, and lilac. All just as vibrant and pretty.


Choosing the Right Size Harness

It can be difficult to know what size sensitive skin dog harness you should purchase. Below are some tips on picking the right size for your pup.

Neck Measurement

First, to figure out your dog’s size you must find the neck length. To do this all you do is measure the widest part of your dog’s neck where the collar would usually sit.

Chest Girth

Next, you need to find the length of your dog’s chest. Measure around the longest part of your dog’s torso right behind its forelimbs.

Benefits of a Harness for Sensitive Skin

A dog with sensitive skin can’t use just any harness, as some can be too abrasive. SparkPaws has found the best harness for dogs with sensitive skin. The material is so soft and smooth that it can be used on any dog breed that has delicate skin.

If you’ve tried other sensitive skin harnesses in the past and we’re satisfied, give this one a try. We think you’ll be happy with it.

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