Squeaky Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy

2.00 out of 5
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Many aggressive chewer dog toys are just tough, but this one is tough AND makes a dog’s favorite sound – SQUEAK! The sound coupled with the milk-infused product gives your pup many months of enjoyment.


Squeaky Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy

Your fur buddy may be just one thing that you care about in your life but for them, you are the whole world therefore giving them the best you can be the most wonderful reward to show them how important they are to you.

The Squeaky Dog Toy by Fifth Quarter is the best because it is much thicker and tougher than any other product found on the market for aggressive chewers. It’s nearly indestructible due to its hardness gained by good quality rubber.

It keeps your pet entertained, busy and anxiety-free. Comes in the color of green and is suitable for most dog sizes ranging from medium to large, the size is about (7.3*3.5*3.5 In) in dimension.

Benefits of FifthQuarter’s Nearly Indestructible Dog Toy

It prevents dental problems your pet can face and acts as an effective dental care product keeping their oral health in standard. It also helps overweight pups to lose weight and prevent themselves from gaining unnecessary weight. Your pet’s safety is our number one priority therefore providing both you and your pet the best is our responsibility, the squeaky toy is specially designed using natural rubber including milk fragrance to give your buddy the maximum joy of playtime.


  • Durable 
  • Ideal for aggressive chewers
  • Promotes oral health 
  • Interactive
  • Kills boredom
  • Hazard free
  • Easy to clean
  • Handy size

1 review for Squeaky Aggressive Chewer Dog Toy

  1. 2 out of 5


    Got this for our 15month pittie. She loved chewing on it, however, within a few hours she had taken off the small round end piece, which looks like it does come off, however I see no mention anywhere that it does. While the whole toy is still intact, glad our policy is no toys unsupervised. Disappointed

    • 2 out of 5


      Thank you so much for your review. This is what Dog Ownership Guide is all about – informing dog owners. We’re sorry that dog toy didn’t work out. Please let us know if you ever find one that does work for your pup. We’d love to spread the word! Thanks again Lois. 😊

    • 2 out of 5


      Had the same happen to mine..my dog almost swallowed the round piece…. I am worried about the squeaker as there was just a small part of the squeaker in the round ball part..

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