The Dog Stick – Nylon Rubber

Tired of your dog chewing through toys in a matter of minutes? We have the solution! The Dog Stick by RANTOJOY. Your dog will have a VERY hard time getting through this aggressive chewer dog. This will keep your pup entertained and happy for hours day after day.


The Dog Stick

Chewing is one of the innate characteristics a dog has in order to stimulate themselves physically and cognitively. This product helps them to explore and gain new experiences through chewing and enables them to develop their natural habitat.

The Dog Stick is specially designed to serve the dogs of medium to large breeds. The unique shape supports your buddy’s paws for a better grip while chewing. Since it’s made from the finest materials (food-grade nylon and soft rubber), it is highly durable.

The Dog Stick comes in weights of 15 lbs to 90 lbs. The best way to choose the perfect size for your pup is to match up the weight to the size of your dog. X-large dogs such as Great Dains, Newfoundlands, etc. would love the 90 lbs while Chows and Poodles may enjoy the lighter ones. 

The Perfect Dog Toy for Aggressive Chewers

The tough exterior of the stick makes it difficult for a dog’s teeth to puncture. The beef flavor sent attracts them to the dog toy. With those two features, you will get your money’s worth because your dog will chew for hours and you won’t have to keep buying them or pick up the mess of chewed-up pieces around your house. 

Features of The Dog Stick

  • Perfect for Aggressive Chewers
  • Beef Flavored
  • Maximum Entertainment
  • Promotes Oral Care
  • Interactive

aggressive dog toy - dog stick



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