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Dog Rolls Around After Eating


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Does your dog roll around after eating and you’re wondering what it means? Dog Ownership Guide did the research so you don’t have to, so keep reading to understand why your dog does it.

What It Means When Your Dog Rolls Around After Eating

It happens all too often. After mealtime, your dog heads over to the carpet or hops on the couch and turns over on his/her back, and starts rubbing and rolling. The first time your pup did this, you probably thought it was hilarious. t wasn’t until it became a habit that you started wondering why your dog rolls around after eating.

Below are some of the reasons a dog rolls around after eating.

Good Meal

A dog rolls around after eating when it was a good meal. It’s a sign of happiness and fulfillment. Smile when your dog exhibits this “unusual behavior” because it’s a good sign.

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Spreading the Scent

It may just be a coincidence your dog rolls around after eating. Dogs usually roll around on the ground or floor to spread their scent. It’s a way to mark territory.


After a delicious meal, dogs often have more energy, especially those on a fresh raw dog food diet. With a belly full and loads of energy, rolling around is a great way to release all of the good feelings inside.

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Itchy Skin

Dogs with skin allergies often roll around to scratch their back. It’s really a great way to get that one good itch. It’s a lot like a human that rubs his/her back on a corner of a wall.

Feels Good

Along the lines of relieving itchy skin, some dogs don’t have an itch but just love the feeling of rolling around. Why is it after eating? It’s just likely a good time to continue to have good feelings after having such a good meal.

Dead Animal

Dog owners – we know this all too well and it’s less than exciting for us because we end up having to bathe our pups. Dogs love to roll around in smelly stuff, like the remains of a dead animal or even on a dead animal. Why? It’s instinct. It’s all scent rolling and comes from wolf ancestry.

Upset Stomach

Some dogs will roll around after eating because their tummy hurts. Food allergies can cause a dog’s stomach to become upset after eating. Rolling around can help it feel better. This is usually what is happening if you notice your dog eating grass shortly after meals as well.

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When to Be Concerned About a Dog Rolling Around After Eating

Usually, this weird behavior isn’t anything to be concerned about because it’s actually a good thing that your canine friend is rolling around after eating. Common reasons for it are:

  • Satisfaction from a delicious meal
  • Playfulness due to having more energy
  • Marking territory
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Instances in which you should be concerned about your dog rolling around after eating are:

  • An allergic reaction from the meal
  • Skin allergies
  • Upset stomach

An allergic reaction to food may start with mild symptoms and then intensify as your pup continues to eat the new food. It’s important to pay attention to any other symptoms your canine friend may be experiencing. Food allergies can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and more severe symptoms that could lead to serious medical issues. Contact your veterinarian if you believe your dog is suffering from an allergic reaction.

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Skin allergies may or may not be from your dog’s food. Pitbulls often suffer from skin irritations along with other dog breeds. CBD is a great option to relieve skin allergies. Aquaphor can be used on dogs and can help soothe the dry itchy skin and any wounds while the allergy is being treated.

Be sure to treat skin allergies because they can lead to a skin infection. This is especially true if your dog is rolling around on the ground where there are many germs that could lead to a skin infection.

When Your Dog Rolls Around After Eating

If you’ve ruled out any concerning issues for your dog rolling around after eating, you can sigh with relief knowing that this is a common behavior. It’s simply something enjoyable your pup does after eating a good meal.



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