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Emu Meat for Dogs


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Emu meat for dogs is healthy and a good option for dogs with food sensitivities. The American Heart Association includes emu meat as one of their recommended heart-healthy meats, so not only is emu meat healthy for dogs but for humans as well.

emu for dog

Why Emu Meat Is Healthy for Dogs

The emu is a beautiful large bird (the second-largest living bird) – a relative of the ostrich family from the ratite family.

An emu’s flesh is highly nutritious with exceptional protein. The lean meat has the same about of fat per serving as other poultry birds. It’s also low in cholesterol and high in iron. Emu meat is a digestible protein and easier on the stomach compared to beef, according to Steve’s Real Food. This is why emu meat is one of the best solutions for dog allergies.

Emu meat is high in vitamin C and vitamin B (riboflavin (B2), and pyridoxine (B6)).

Emu meat is red meat and is considered a healthy alternative to beef due to it being 97% fat-free.

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People who eat emu compare it to filet mignon and some say it’s even better.

How Emu Meat for Dogs Differ

When purchasing emu meat for dogs, owners should look for dog food that contains a variety of meaty pieces from the bird. For example, the best emu dog food contains:

  • Emu Liver
  • Emu Hearts
  • Emu Gizzards
  • Emu Neck
  • Emu Muscle Meat

The best emu dog food is 100 emu meat, but there are options with a combination of meats.

What to Look for in High-Quality Emu Meat for Your Dog

When purchasing emu for your dog’s diet, the best option is human grade. Research where the emus were raised and the relationship between the company preparing the emu for dogs.

How to Use Emu In Your Dog’s Diet

You can use emu in your dog’s diet in a number of ways.

  • Add to Vegetable Broth

By following the recipe for vegetable broth for dogs, you can add emu to it for added protein.

  • Make Bone Broth

Order emu bone and make bone broth from it. You can add pieces of emu meat (like emu liver) to the bone broth for added nutrition.

  • Add to Only Natural Pet Fresh Pet Food

Only Natural Pet gives you fresh ingredients ready for your pup to eat minus the meat. Emu meat is the perfect addition to their fresh dog food. Learn more about Only Natural Pet.

  • Tasty Treat

Emu can be cut up into small pieces for one of the healthiest dog treats you can give your pup.

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Dog owners get quite creative with their dog’s emu diet. With an order of this meat, you can likely find many ways to add it to your dog’s diet that will help boost nutrition significantly.

emu dog meat

FAQ About Emu for Dogs

The following are common questions dog owners ask about emu meat.

Is emu meat good for dogs?

Yes! Emu meat is exceptionally good for dogs because it’s highly nutritious and lean. It’s a great option for dogs with food allergies.

Is emu meat any good?

Dogs LOVE emu meat because it tastes like other poultry products.

Can dogs eat emu feet?

Yes, dogs can eat emu feet and legs. They make healthy dog treats because they are high in chondroitin, which improves and maintains joint health. Emu feet also clean your dog’s teeth!

Is emu considered a red meat?

Yes, the emu is considered red meat but is much healthier than beef because it’s low in cholesterol and fat while containing the same amount of iron.

How to Feed Your Dog an Emu Diet

With any change in your pup’s diet, you should introduce it slowly. When you receive the emu meats, start with small pieces in your regular pet food. Increase the amount of emu each day until you have achieved the amount you’d like to add to your dog’s diet.

How Much Emu Meat to Feed Your Dog

The amount of emu you should feed your dog depends on weight. The following chart below can help you decide what is best for your pup.

how much emu meat to feed your dog

Adjust the amount based on your dog’s specific needs. Contact your vet to discuss how much emu meat is right for your dog.

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The Best Options for Emu Meat for Dogs

Novel proteins like emu meat can be difficult to find, especially high-quality human grade. The following emu meat sellers online are good options, but always research before purchasing to ensure they fall in line with what you seek for your precious pup.

Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market sells some of the best human-grade meats for dogs and humans. You can purchase all types of meats for your entire family. Their emu meat for dogs comes in packages that contain:

  • Emu Hearts
  • Emu Liver
  • Emu Gizzards

All of their emus are raised on a farm in the CIty of Perris, California. They do not use antibiotics or growth hormones.

Blackwing Quality Meats

Blackwing Meats sells 100% emu meat in a special dog formula. They offer several package sizes:

  • 16 oz
  • 40 LBS
  • 50 LBS

Share Your Knowledge with Other Dog Owners

Are you feeding your dog emu? Comment below about your experience making emu meat a part of your dog’s diet.

Do you have questions about emu meat for dogs? Ask your question in the comments!

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