First Time Dog Owner Checklist


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Congratulations! You’ve decided to bring home a new dog. What an exciting time! All you need now is a first-time dog owner checklist, and Dog Ownership Guide has it for you.

Below you will find a checklist of all the dog things you need for your new puppy. The first section identifies everything you need as a list that you can use as a guide. The next section is an image you can save on your phone to reference when you’re shopping at your local pet store. The third option is simply to click the links below the image to purchase everything on Amazon, which is so much easier!

Let’s get to it!

The First Time Dog Owner Checklist

This new dog checklist includes all the things you need to give your puppy the best start possible. While Dog Ownership Guide’s motto is Happy Dogs – Happy Owners – the same goes for puppies – Happy Puppies – Happy Owners.

🟧 Dog Food – Puppy Food

Always start with puppy food because adult dog food doesn’t have all of the nutrients a puppy needs, which could lead to nutritional deficits and developmental issues.

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🟧 Dog Bed

A comfy dog bed for your pup will make your small dog feel so much more comfortable in his/her new home.


🟧 Baby Gates

Baby gates make sure your puppy stays in one area of the home to limit normal puppy behaviors.


🟧 Dog Crate

Pet parents who plan to crate their new pet should read “Are kennels bad for dogs?” It is very important to choose a dog crate that is the right size for a good fit – that means a crate that isn’t too big or too small. It also mean pet owners will need to buy a bigger crate as their new pet grows into adulthood.


🟧 Water Bowls

At least two water bowls will ensure there are plenty available between washes.

🟧 Food Bowls

At least two food balls are also a good idea to have one available when the other is being washed.



🟧 Puppy’s Collar

A puppy’s collar should have to identify information on it in case he/she escapes. As a puppy grows, another size will be needed.


🟧 Dog’s Collar

It’s a good idea to purchase a dog collar early so it’s ready since puppies grow quickly.


🟧 Leash for the Dog Walker

Most people purchase two types of leashes – one that is retractable and another one that isn’t for the early days of learning how to walk on a leash.


🟧 Plush Toys

Soft plush toys are great for cuddling and chewing on, which satisfies a puppy’s natural instinct.

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🟧 Bones

Puppies are teething so they need something to chew on. Small bones that are specially made for puppies are perfect to buy.


🟧 Exercise Pen

Keeping a puppy home and safe is top priority. An exercise pen is perfect for that as it keeps puppy in one area free from dangers like pinecones (are pinecones bad for dogs).

🟧 Puppy Pads

In the first few days and weeks of puppyhood, your pup will be using the bathroom on puppy pads as he/she learns that outside if the perfect place for pee and poop. Get a good supply of puppy pads right from the start, so you won’t go without them.



🟧 Extra Puppy Supplies

Bringing a new puppy home is fun, so splurge a little. There are plenty of puppy supplies you can spoil your new pup with, such as clothes, blankets, and toys galore. Don’t forget to get yourself something too like a book about your dog’s breed. As a first-time dog owner, you’ll want to absorb as much information as possible.

Save the New Dog Checklist

Download this image or save it to your phone for reference when you’re shopping!


new dog checklist

Enjoy Puppyhood New Pet Owner

Just like with babies, puppies are only small dogs for a little while before they become adult dogs. Even small dog breeds change as they grow into older dogs, so enjoy puppyhood as much as possible.

As a first-time dog owner, there will be many times you’ll become frustrated or even mad, but don’t worry – this time shall pass. Most pet parents experience a shift in how they feel about being a pet owner after about three months because a puppy learns how to behave and well dog owners do too.

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Congratulations again on being a first-time dog owner. You will do great with it because you’re prepared with our new dog checklist.

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